Work Boat Davits

Vestdavit offers specific solutions for the workhorse vessels needed to support maritime operations in all conditions. We understand that reliable operation, efficient use of space and ease of installation are imperatives, whatever the size of vessel using our davits. This has made us the first choice boat handling system provider for maritime and offshore support vessel operators around the world.

Our davits have proven their reliability for rescue, operational support and maintenance activities, when everyone else has run for shelter. A Vestdavit davit allows you to launch and recover boats swiftly, silently and safely.

Work boats pose a special challenge for all marine equipment. We develop davits to be efficient, compact, resilient and have a high degree of redundancy so they will keep working even when parts of the system are out of action. That is why operators have been specifying Vestdavit systems for over 30 years the work boats that keep the maritime and offshore industries running.