Cooperation Agreement between ECA and Vestdavit for Launch and Recovery Systems

ECA and Vestdavit are proud to announce that, at the occasion of Euronaval, they have signed a cooperation agreement to develop the next generation of Launch and Recovery systems for Unmanned Maritime Systems.

The use of Unmanned Maritime Systems (“UMS”), Remotely Operated Vehicles (“ROV”), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (“AUV”) as well as Unmanned Surface Vehicles (“USV”) by Navies but also by O&G, Scientific and other customers, requires their operation from various types of ships, even in high sea states. In addition, when a combination of different types of vehicles are used from the same vessel, they need to be managed, stored and handled onboard taking into account, launch and recovery of course, but also their support (e.g. battery charging, maintenance, repair…).

ECA and Vestdavit have therefore decided to combine their expertise and capabilities to develop the next generation of launch and recovery systems for UMS.

As part of this agreement ECA will bring its 50 years of experience in developing and providing over 2,000 unmanned underwater and surface vehicles worldwide as well as its knowledge in operating them and in particular its technology and patents regarding the launch and recovery of AUVs.

On its side, Vestdavit will bring its 40 years of experience and over 1,900 davits and side and stern launch systems provided worldwide for all types of customers as well as its mission bay concept.

The solution that will be provided under this agreement will incorporate the latest technologies and innovation developed by both companies, enabling ECA to propose the best Launch and Recovery solution for its UMS customers allowing them to operate their systems safely even in the most demanding environments.

About ECA:

The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Ever since 1936 it has been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments.

Its products are used by a demanding international clientele requiring the highest levels of safety and efficiency, mainly in the sectors of defence, maritime, aerospace, simulation, energy and industrial equipment.


About Vestdavit:

Vestdavit designs, supplies and supports tailor-made solutions for launching and recovering boats in difficult conditions at sea. Its range of boat handling systems and davits are the first choice of navies, coastguards, seismic survey operators, pilot authorities and offshore operators who need to be able to operate small boats safely from larger vessels. Since 1975 Bergen-based Vestdavit has supplied over 1,900 davits and side and stern launch systems. They have proven themselves for almost 40 years of use in the North Sea and other harsh environments around the world. Self-tensioning and shock absorbing systems ensure crew safety and widen the operational window for the users. Vestdavit’s key focus is on operational effectiveness, safety and the reliability of its equipment.


For more information: 

Rolf Andreas Wigand

Managing Director

Vestdavit AS

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Hugh O’Mahony

Director, PR

JLA Media

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Quality Management assured

Vestdavit is very proud to have become one of the first companies in the marine and offshore sector to achieve certification under the revised ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System during 2016.

ISO 9001 standards are continuously reviewed and periodically updated to reflect the changing challenges faced by business. QMS re-certification for Vestdavit acknowledges the company’s continuing investment in standards, and offers tangible and timely evidence of a company’s proactive approach to meeting customer expectations.

For the first time in the history of the ISO 9001 scheme, ISO 9001:2015 adopts a risk-based approach to Quality Management processes across an organization and it operations. ISO 9001:2015 certification, also secured through DNVGL, indicates that Vestdavit addresses organizational risks and opportunities in a structured manner.

“Vestdavit has held Quality Assurance certification from DNV GL since 2000,” says Hilde Laupsa, Vestdavit Quality Assurance HSE & Project Manager. “The scheme offers documentary proof of our commitment to enhancing our management culture. Re-certification under ISO 9001:2015 demonstrates that Vestdavit has evolved with the scheme to address our customers’ needs – to operate in more complex supply chains, to use information more effectively, and to take into account views from wider society.”