New training package success in theory and practice

The scope of user training available from Vestdavit now takes in hands-on davit use, following the commissioning of a new quayside A-frame unit at a demonstration area at our  Bergen headquarters.

A three-day Vestdavit boat launching and recovery training course staged in February in Bergen brought strong positive feedback from participants, based on its structure of classroom presentations plus practical sessions at the quay. The course also brought certification for a new batch of approved Vestdavit davit systems service partner technicians from Brazil, Singapore and Turkey.

Vestdavit’s scalable training program has been developed to fit the requirements of any course participant, including davit operators, ship crews, ship technicians and service partners. In this case, the training program covered the HSE, IMO and SOLAS safety rules governing marine davit operations at sea, but also an in-depth classroom session with Vestdavit’s  engineers on the practicalities of davit operations, maintenance and service.

With all participants successful in securing a ‘pass’, Vestdavit was also delighted that the post-training evaluation indicated that attendees were fully satisfied, one Singapore-based engineer describing the sessions as “very interesting” and “well organized training”, and that “discussions were truly inspiring”.

As well as user-specific modules, Vestdavit has also developed training that is tailormade for individual davit systems, which will be particularly useful for clients requiring specialized skills and certification, such as navies and coastguards. Instruction can be given on board using the customer’s own equipment.

”I would like to thank you for these days and well organized training, very interesting and discussions were truly inspiring. This helped me identify clearer. Thanks once again. Says on of the service tehnician from Singapore”

For more information on the full scope of Vestdavit’s training program, please contact: Henric Collvin, After Sales Director, Tel +47 47 91 15 59, e-mail:

Performance consistency critical for NOAA

Uniterrupted boat launch and recovery capability day-to-day is critical for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) western fleet as it goes about its seasonal mission work to support research in the Northern Pacific. The fleet’s davits must be ever-ready for action.

Vestdavit has been the NOAA’s preferred davit supplier for the past decade. Alongside proven design and robust engineering, part of that preference has been driven by our service and support capabilities. Good maintenance and consistent care are cornerstones of davit reliability and we are convinced that only technicians trained by Vestdavit as the OEM or by our qualified service partners should be entrusted with the equipment that earned preferences of this kind in the first place.

In 2014 Vestdavit delivered its innovative HNF-8500 dual point davit to NOAA for installation on board the ship Oscar Dyson. The 8.5T SWL workboat davit features flexible hook distance so that the same unit can be used to handle a variety of boats for existing and future needs. This spring, we performed a five-year inspection of the unit.

Vestdavit service engineer Johnny Lindesteg attended the ship in Seattle, working closely with the crew to go through all points of the davit and learn how the crew used the davit system in their daily operations. As well as fine tuning the davit for optimum performance, Johnny offered guidance on how to maintain the system consistently to ensure reliable launch and recovery operations.

Experience shows that only technicians trained by Vestdavit as OEM or by its qualified service partners have the depth of knowledge on davit features and functions to provide the standard of service required. Johnny also addressed some minor maintenance issues before they had an impact on system performance, for example, to make sure that the vessel is mission-ready for the season ahead.

A five-year service from Vestdavit supports our policy of pre-emptive maintenance, helping our clients to save on unexpected parts and labor, and ensuring that systems are primed and ready for operations at any time and for years to come.

For further information, please contact: Magnus Oding, General Manager, Vestdavit US, Tel: +1 425 501 5936  email:



PL-1500 davits for energy-efficient all-electric ferries

Fjord1 includes  low energy consumption davit from Vestdavit in its latest all-electric ferry, which has been designed with sustainability in mind.

Vestdavit is once more celebrating the inclusion of its energy efficient PL-1500 MOB boat single point davits on board the high-profile, battery-powered ferries being built for Fjord1.  All three environmentally friendly ferries have been handed over to the owner and are now operating in sensitive fjord waters.

The Havyard Group-built vessels are facilitating a complete revitalization of Hareid-Sulesund services which transport close to 850,000 vehicles across Sulafjord every year. Their integrated electric power, automation and propulsion package has been devised to align with environmental objectives set out by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.

In fact, these 400-passenger, 120-car capacity ferries consume an amount of energy equivalent to just nine medium-sized electric cars. Accordingly, the energy efficiency theme runs throughout their design, build and operating profiles, with a Ship Performance Monitoring system collecting energy consumption data from every consumer on board for presentation at crew workstations. Fully SOLAS-approved, lightweight PL-1500 MOB boat davits from Vestdavit are optimized to achieve low energy consumption across the full range of boat launch and recovery operations.

For more information, please contact Lars Jørgen Tveit, tel: +47 911 87 347, e-mail:


Fixed price offer for annual inspection

Vestdavit has introduced a fixed price annual inspection scheme covering all inspections the take place in Norway.

A new fixed price annual inspection offer from Vestdavit represents the latest step in our strategy to offer full transparency to customers on costs in order that they can pre-plan and control their budgets.

Designed for simplicity, the fixed price package includes inspection and reporting, transport at site, certification and a comprehensive Annual Inspection Report, plus a one-hour training session at the site of the inspection. Pricing is based on a single davit, while the service is charged on an hourly basis for each additional unit.

For more information on Vestdavit’s new fixed price inspection service, please contact Knut Richard Føre, Service Manager, Tel: +47 456 01 714, e-mail: