Seafood specialist selects Vestdavit

Vestdavit has won a contract with sustainable seafood specialist Sanford, in New Zealand, to replace the boat launch-and-recovery systems it supplied 30 years ago on three deep-sea trawlers and one freezer trawler with its latest versatile marine davits. Each of the vessels will be supplied with a new PLi-2000 davit to support operations off the coast of New Zealand.

Sales and Business Development Director Bjørnar Dahle explains how the deal marks a two-fold success for Vestdavit: “When these vessels were built in Norway between 1989 and 1992, they were each fitted with Vestdavit PL davits. These boat-handling systems have not only stood the test of time but have measured up to the challenges of operating in some of the world’s most unforgiving waters. This is testament to the longevity and quality of our products – characteristics that convinced Sanford to choose us as supplier of their latest marine davits.”

The oldest of the four vessels, San Granit, is a 67-metre freezer trawler, while San Waitaki, San Enterprise and San Discovery are stern-type deep-sea trawlers measure 64 metres in length. Waitaki and Enterprise were both built in 1990, with Discovery following in 1992. All four trawlers began operations in the North Sea and now sail under the New Zealand flag.

Specially designed for vessels in the fishing and ferry sectors, the Vestdavit PLi-2000 is a hydraulically operated single-point A-frame davit with a safe working load of up to 2,000 kilograms, allowing it to handle man-overboard boats both safely and efficiently. Its robust design is based on previous models that have proved their worth through decades of service in the harshest of marine conditions.

The agreement with Sanford is one of several recent successes for Vestdavit in New Zealand and comes as the company announces an additional contract with the country’s navy. Dahle cites the input of Vestdavit’s representative agency Antelope Engineering as being crucial to these deals: “As an expert in marine engineering for the Australasian market, Antelope has been an exceptionally helpful partner in our dealings with Sanford and the New Zealand Navy, putting its local knowledge and connections to good use. We greatly appreciate its ongoing contribution and support.”

For more information, contact: Bjørnar Dahle, Sales & Business Development Director, Ph. +47 45 21 95 73, email:

Vestdavit deploys augmented reality to enhance remote support

Vestdavit is enhancing its remote support offering with augmented reality software from UBIMAX, the world’s leading provider of wearable technology solutions for enterprises. The platform, named ‘xAssist’, will be used in conjunction with head-mounted hardware ‘RealWear HMT-1’ to provide customers with consistent levels of service when Vestdavit engineers are unable to work on site.

After Sales Director Henric Collvin explains that the idea is not to replace Vestdavit technicians, but to ease the burden on them. “Our engineers are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience servicing marine davits, and there is no replacement for that. However, they cannot be everywhere at once, and it is often far more practical to provide remote support.”

For example, if a client requires a small adjustment to one of its boat launch-and-recovery systems, Vestdavit can send the RealWear HMT-1 along with the necessary spare parts. Equipped with the headgear, the customer’s in-house engineer can perform the maintenance task with visual and audio instruction from a Vestdavit expert, who can see what the on-site technician is doing through xAssist.

This, says Collvin, brings great flexibility. “We can provide remote support even if all of our specialist technicians are occupied. For instance, an engineer from our hydraulics or mechanical team will be able to guide the customer through any simpler tasks.”

The current global health crisis has exacerbated the need for this kind of service, explains Collvin, but Vestdavit was planning to adopt the UBIMAX platform even before the outbreak. “Many companies are responding to the pandemic by investing in new technology, but remote maintenance had been gaining traction for some time. Customers are always looking for more efficient, cost-effective ways to operate. With xAssist, we maintain our usual service levels without having to send technicians to our client’s location. This reduces cost and saves time for both parties.”

But the benefits to Vestdavit could be further reaching. “While making things easier for our customers, we are highlighting our engagement with modern technology – and that, today, is key to success,” concludes Collvin.

For more information, contact: Henric Collvin, After Sales Director, Ph.+47 47 91 15 59, email:

Safe return for painter boom

A well-known shipowner with a ‘colorful’ brand recently had a change of heart on the value of the painter system as a tool for safer boat launching and recovery, after early stage operations led it to re-evaluate and request a quick turnaround on the installation of the Vestdavit solution.

A fast ferry that recently entered service using a competitor’s davits was subsequently retrofitted with a painter line and boom solution from Vestdavit, after initial boat launch and recovery operations proved below the owner’s expectations.

Bjørnar Dahle, Vestdavit Sales & Business Development Director, outlines the issue. “Used with a painter line that connects to a hook in the bow of the crew boat, the painter boom ensures that the boat runs parallel to the vessel during the launching and recovery operation. By allowing it to pick up the painter line without veering towards the ship`s side.”

Vestdavit Area Sales Manager Martin Sundgot Hansen picks up the tale behind the recent painter boom retrofit episode, although he is unwilling to point the finger when it comes to competing equipment.

“When the ship was under construction, we had discussions with the builder about the painter system but for one reason or another the decision was handed down that the installation would continue using a competitor’s davit solution, without a painter boom. Not long after the ship went into service, the customer got back in touch to say there had been hard lessons following delivery. The MOB-boat had to be handled at such a height that there were impacts against the ship side during launch and recovery. Not only did crew feel unsafe – the MOB-boat was also damaged.”

Sundgot Hansen says the owner made it known that not only did the new installation need to be standalone, feature its own power supply and offer an electrical interface for remote painter boom control by the davit operator; it also needed to be delivered fast.

“We had to come up with an adapted version of an existing telescopic painter boom design that could work for their situation, with only 11 weeks for design work, manufacturing and delivery.” Further challenges emerged to coincide with the short stays common in the fast ferry market, although in this case a timely maintenance layover provided the opportunity to deliver and install the new painter boom within the schedule.

“Of course, in painter booms as in everything else, the customer is always right,” adds Dahle. “This is simply an opportunity to highlight that, when Vestdavit says it delivers telescopic and rotatable painter booms in all shapes and sizes, with shock absorbers, remote control and automated tensioning, it can include occasions when the customer exercises the right to change its mind.”

For more information contact: Bjørnar Dahle, Sales & Business Development Director,  Ph.+47 45 21 95 73, e-mail: