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Of UPS and HPUs

The hydraulic power unit (HPU) used with a davit system can feature separate or integrated power packs, while electric motors can be mounted as standard on top of the tank, or ‘submerged’ inside. In either case, the preferred solution represents a straight choice and the market is split roughly but firmly 50/50 between the options. […]

Comfort and constant tension

The perpetually changing sea has often brought the best out of poets, but its constant motion is of more than romantic interest. For their own safety, seafarers must move beyond SOLAS and learn to work with the elements day by day, rather than against them. As an expert in safe boat handling for life, Vestdavit’s […]

Lifting the lid on davit regulations

Davit regulations are many, varied and can differ according to use and industries. If you are in need of a workboat davit for seismic operations, or whether are you working in the petroleum industry, there are different standards for you to be aware of.

Norwegian Coast Guard chooses compact davit

The Norwegian Coast Guard has ordered six PLR-5002 compact single-point davits to be refitted on to its fleet of Nordkapp class offshore patrol vessels. The specially-designed 5 tonne SWL davit is mounted on a skid for easy installation. The davits will handle a 5 tonne RIB and are capable of safe launch and recovery of […]