Safety first with hook-in-boat

Hook in boat

Boat launches and recoveries in high sea states are among the most dangerous activities a boat’s crew are likely to encounter. Any of a nervous disposition will feel no more confident knowing that the entire davit weight relies on the performance of a single metal hook. Unsurprisingly the hooks used to engage the lifting and […]


Of UPS and HPUs

The hydraulic power unit (HPU) used with a davit system can feature separate or integrated power packs, while electric motors can be mounted as standard on top of the tank, or ‘submerged’ inside. In either case, the preferred solution represents…

Comfort and constant tension

The perpetually changing sea has often brought the best out of poets, but its constant motion is of more than romantic interest. For their own safety, seafarers must move beyond SOLAS and learn to work with the elements day by day, rather than…
Training I

On site training possibilities for davit operators

Hands-on, quality training in both davit operations and maintenance are important for the safety and longevity of your davit system and crew. Did you know that Vestdavit can come to you and complete training on your location? Bergen is…
Kystvaken PLR-5002

Norwegian Coastguard retrofits single-point davits for enhanced safety

The Norwegian Coastguard just raised its standard by retrofitting six single-point davits to its Nordkapp-class vessels, not just to enhance safety, but also for more efficient use of space aboard its compact vessels. Norway’s reputation…
Shock Aborbers

US Coast Guard converts to hydraulic shock absorbers

Roaming the seas without shock absorbers can be a rocky affair. The US Coast Guard has now been convinced by the Vestdavit standard, and are fitting their davit systems with hydraulic shock absorbers for essential crew safety at sea. A…

Lifting the lid on davit regulations

Davit regulations are many, varied and can differ according to use and industries. If you are in need of a workboat davit for seismic operations, or whether are you working in the petroleum industry, there are different standards for you to…