On site training possibilities for davit operators

Hands-on, quality training in both davit operations and maintenance are important for the safety and longevity of your davit system and crew. Did you know that Vestdavit can come to you and complete training on your location?

Bergen is a beautiful city and a visit here will not disappoint. Vestdavit has long experience of offering two-day user and maintenance training courses to users of its davits, with one day in our head offices and a second at the nearby training facilities, whose safety and emergency training and certification is widely recognised in the offshore market.

Reduced training activity in the offshore market

However, also widely recognised has been the offshore market downturn, and where in 2014 we were offering courses monthly, in subsequent years our oil and gas customers have reduced their training activity.

High quality training is a prerequisite in the maritime and offshore sector – not just an aspiration. By now, perhaps we’re all familiar with the urban myth of the aged engineer who fixes an engine with a single hammer blow then itemises his $1,000 bill as $1 for the tap and $999 for knowing where to strike. It’s an age-old tale, but makes the serious point that there is no substitute for experience and training.

Training services with your own equipment

As an expert in safe boat handling for life, Vestdavit is taking a more proactive approach to the training that covers the operation and maintenance of the davits we supply, given their vital role in the day to day activities of the ships we equip. If clients won’t come to us, we’ll go to them.

Under the new initiative, Vestdavit is offering to visit our clients and their ships to deliver onboard training services using their own equipment. In addition to generic training materials , we are developing a package that can be adapted to the needs of individual vessels and the equipment used on board.

It is generally agreed that hands-on training is the best type there is, and training exercises involving davits certainly bring home how seriously seafarers need to take safety drills, no matter how qualified and experienced they are.

What are your davit training needs?

As an expert in safe boat handling for life, Vestdavit has already offered this new type of service to one of our navy clients, and we are now working on a frame agreement covering service, parts, maintenance and training which takes the new approach to training for one of our largest defence customers. Our view is that such service is ideally timed prior to a planned crew changeover, with both the departing and joining crews in attendance for certification at the same time.

However, the whole point of the initiative is that we are open to suggestion on your training needs.


Are you interested in onsite training for your davit operators? Contact our service manager here!