US Coast Guard converts to hydraulic shock absorbers

Roaming the seas without shock absorbers can be a rocky affair. The US Coast Guard has now been convinced by the Vestdavit standard, and are fitting their davit systems with hydraulic shock absorbers for essential crew safety at sea.

A car without shock absorbers may not actually be a tractor, but it can ride like one. In fact, by now, the notion of taking to the road in a vehicle not featuring shock absorbers sounds like a tale from another motoring age.

Anyone with experience at sea will know that the world’s oceans offer a rougher ride than the average highway, and nowhere is the potential for bumps and jolts so apparent as when a RHIB or a daughter vessel is being launched or recovered from the water in heavy weather.

Hydraulic shock absorbers in specifications

Despite the potential hazards for boat crews, no SOLAS rules demand that davit systems are fitted with shock absorbers. As an expert in safe boat handling for life, Vestdavit has secured its strong market position by insisting our customers include hydraulic shock absorbers in their specifications.

The shock absorber is an important safety feature, and we believe that regulations will be amended to reflect this before long. In fact, Vestdavit marine davits are built around a fail-safe self-tension system, a hydraulic shock absorber to take peak loads, and an end stop. They all ensure crew safety while launching and recovering boats in demanding conditions and, even where big loads are concerned our shock absorbers can take up to 80% of the load-strain.

The US Coastguard and hydraulic shock absorbers

The US Coastguard is already notable among our customers for selecting our advanced davit systems. Now, we’re happy to count it as the one of our newest hydraulic shock absorber converts. Our satisfaction is partly due to the USCG’s reputation for excellence, but it’s also because this is something of a breakthrough for boat-handling hydraulic shock absorbers in the US market in general.

Vestdavit shock absorbers have initially been fitted to a small USCG davit that also features our unique self-tension system for motion-compensation. In combination with our latest shock absorbers, the solution will offer USCG personnel on patrol the chance to ‘ride’, rather than hit the water.


Are you interested in hydraulic shock absorbers for your davit systems? Contact our development director here!