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Vestdavit equips Norwegian Coast Guard’s next generation for Polar boat launch and recovery

Boat launch and recovery specialist Vestdavit has secured an order to supply three new Norwegian Coast Guard vessels with davits equipped for polar conditions, in a project which also calls for installation of a deck-mounted transfer system for rapid deployment.

The ships are being built by Vard Group within the P6615 project to replace Nordkapp-class ships with a new generation of search-and-rescue, surveillance, and oil recovery vessels. The 136m length newbuildings have been developed for worldwide operations including arctic areas and will feature ice-strengthened hulls and ice-class notation on their delivery from Vard Langsten, Norway, one apiece in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

Each vessel will come complete with one telescopic TBD-10000L davit system plus two PLR-5003KV units, built to Vestdavit standards for minimum availability of 330 days a year up to upper Sea State 5, based on actual North Sea conditions 1958-2018. In line with the areas of operation envisaged, the davits will be winterized for full functionality in temperatures as low as -25deg C, as required in the Polar Code.

“This contract continues an unbroken run of davit system orders from the Norwegian Coast Guard but the project merits special attention as the customer continues to push forward davit performance requirements,” says Bjørnar Dahle, Business Development Director, Vestdavit.

The Vestdavit TDB-10000L is a hydraulically-operated 10T SWL single point telescopic davit suitable for handling auxiliary boats at hoisting and lowering speeds of 40 m/min. Project specifications include a dynamic shock absorber system, Vestdavit’s constant tension solution and hydraulic boat-guiding arms.

In addition, the Norwegian Coast Guard has opted for a wagon-based boat transfer system operating on deck-mounted rails. Featuring a pair of wagons, or cradles, the solution includes elements of Vestdavit’s leading-edge and patent-protected MissionEase multi-boat transfer system, in that it can present two boats to the davit in quick succession for rapid deployment.

The Vestdavit PLR-5003KV units also specified within the contract are A-frame, all-steel davits with a 5 ton SWL, which will feature Vestdavit’s wave-compensation system and shock absorber system. The solution will feature 50m/min lifting and lowering speeds. The units installed are designed to handle FRBs of up to 8.5m in length..

The complete order also includes telescopic painter booms to run parallel to the ship and pick up the painter line to keep auxiliary boats at a safe distance to the ship’s side, controlled from the boat launching operators station.

For more information contact Rolf Andreas Wigand, Managing Director, +47 99 46 48 62,

First PLD-4000 for Mauritius

Vestdavit’s strong presence in France now extends to the French overseas department of Réunion, following a davit delivery to the authorities patrolling, surveying and managing lighthouse and beacons on and around the Indian Ocean island.

The Mauritian project also involves the first delivery of a PLD-4000, a 4-ton version of the latest ‘docking davit’ from Vestdavit. PLD-type davits have been specially designed to work onboard ships undertaking interception missions, and the PLD-4000 is equipped with a lightweight docking head, an anti-pendulation device and guiding arms for complete control of the boat being handled. The compact, A-frame PLD-4000 davit is a smaller variant of models capable of 5,000 kg and 6,000 kg SWL.

The new unit has been installed on board an existing ship which is being repurposed in Mauritius at the French-owned Chantier Naval de l’Océan Indien yard (CNOI)  for missions that need davits capable of enabling interventions in high sea states. This davit type comes complete with an integrated shock absorber to reduce peak loads and ensure smoother launch and recovery. It is also equipped with Vestdavit`s unique constant tension system, while the winch achieves standard hoisting/lowering speeds of 36 m/min to allow operations up to sea state 4.

The shipyard has expressed its appreciation for the support offered by Vestdavit during the project and for the ease with which it has been possible to install an advanced davit as part of the refit.

For further information, please contact: Redouane Lahsen, Area Sales Manager, tel: +47 90 999 89 71,

Royal Navy returns to Vestdavit for patrol ship refits

The strength of Vestdavit’s relations with the Royal Navy was recently confirmed by an order for four PLR-5000 davits, as preferred supplier of launch and recovery  for the oldest squadron in the Royal Navy – the Fishery Protection Squadron.

Vestdavit has won the order to supply four PLR-5000 marine davits for the Royal Navy Fishery Protection Squadron vessels HMS Severn and HMS Tyne, to keep the refitted ‘Batch 1’ River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels running into the far future.

Severn and Tyne typically spend 320 days a year in service, patrolling 80,000 square miles of sea up to 200 miles from the UK coastline, and on average conducting between two and four boardings per day. This makes davit systems not only essential components in the ability of these ships to conduct their missions, but their most important ‘weapons systems’.

The PLR-5000 davits allow the OPVs to carry, launch and recover the Royal Navy’s Pacific 24 RHIB which is significantly larger and more capable than the old Pacific 22 it replaced.

The deal covering the Batch 1 vessels is an especially sweet success for Vestdavit UK Area Sales Manager, William Goodall, who sailed on Tyne during his Royal Navy career and conducted boardings from the 80m length vessel.

UK yard BAE System is already part way through building five new ‘Batch 2’ River Class Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) for the UK’s Ministry of Defence, with the first two vessels already delivered. All five of these ships will feature davit systems from Vestdavit, as we continue to consolidate our relationship with this very important customer.

For more information, please contact William Goodall, Vestdavit UK Area Sales Manager, Tel: +47 46 89 56 39, e-mail:

For more about Vestdavit’s work with the Royal Navy, see HERE:


Optimal multi davit for tomorrow and today

Vestdavit is introducing a new and flexible davit system that is optimized for multi-boat handling duties, with performance levels that will be of interest for the mission ships of the future and those in-service today.

Using proven technology, the 2TDB-7000 davit system will offer single and dual point boat handling capability to ships that need to launch several boats over a short period, even in high seas. The high-efficiency unit is entirely compatible for use with the Vestdavit MissionEase system but is also ideal for refits where mission bays are not an option: the system can also be mounted  on open decks that feature an extra foundation frame.

Specifically designed for flexibility, the 2TDB-7000 features dual point sliding booms, adjustable boat cradle and hook distance capability. The system is  controlled with ease by a single operator and can handle RHIBS, USVs, AUVs, 11m length Navy RIBS and work boats of up to 14 tons, and also leisure craft (Jet skis, kayaks, etc.). It is constructed in weight-efficient high tensile steel and is fully available for work even beyond sea state 5.

Safe boat handling is further ensured by a painter system automatically controlled by davit swing/winch movements, which allows the operator to concentrate on boat movements assured of  the painter’s correct outreach and tension in all boat positions.

The 2TDB-7000 includes a dual winch system with independent, synchronized  control, with each winch featuring a constant tension system for wave compensation and PLC ‘downstop’ to prevent overtravel. Other features that enhance both safety and efficiency include self-levelling capability for boats/hooks in both directions, independent shock absorbers and an integral ‘anti two block’ system to prevent hook blocks from coming into contact with booms.

For more information, please contact: Atle Kalve, Development Director/Naval Architect +47 90 89 39 39, email:

Adding to the talent pool

Vestdavit has made some significant new hires in the first part of 2019, adding to its talent base in customer relations, project management and after sales in support of its continuing strategy to strengthen and grow davits business worldwide.

New Vestdavit Area Sales Manager, Tomas Crespo, brings more than 25 year of experience to his role, where main responsibilities will focus on Spain, Latin America, Portugal, Poland and South Korea. With deep understanding of international sales and business development, Tomas has worked both for small independent and multinational companies in the Oil & Gas, telecoms and maritime markets, developing close relations with agents and end customers worldwide.

Also new to the company are Project Engineers Alexsander Nesse and Karthikeyan (Karthi) Sankaravadivel. Karthi, who holds a BSc in Engineering Technology, brings experience from the mining, mineral processing, oil & gas and marine sectors, including skills developed as a Hydraulic System Engineer with Epiroc-Atlas Copco. Alexsander holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, augmented by two years of experience as mechanical engineer at TTS Offshore Handling Equipment.

Vestdavit’s continuing investment in its service organization is also clear, following the appointment of new Service Manager, Knut Richard Føre. Knut brings nine years of worldwide service engineering experience to the role, as well as a BSc in Mechanical Engineering. Also joining the team is Service Engineer Kristian Revne, who has an 18-year track record in offshore and maritime, including significant experience in deck machinery, subsea cranes and drilling equipment.

To find out more about opportunities to work with Vestdavit, please see our web pages for open positions.

Vestdavit – upcoming exhibitions

4-7 June: Vestdavit will be an exhibitor at Nor-Shipping 2019, Norway’s premier maritime event, which attracts stakeholders from all over the world to the Oslo  conference and exhibition centre on a biennial basis. Join us at  Stand no C05-46, to hear about latest developments across Vestdavit’s safe boat handling davit portfolio.

11-13 June: Vestdavit will also be exhibiting at Seawork 2019, the UK conference and exhibition now in its 21st year, taking place at the Mayflower Park venue in Southampton, SO14 2AQ. Visit us at Stand no. PG101, as part of the self-styled ‘one stop shop’ for buyers in the commercial marine and workboat markets.

For latest news on Vestdavit’s conference, exhibition and show activities, follow Vestdavit on Linkedin.

Training advance with Vestdavit VR

The rapid advance of Virtual Reality from gaming and marketing applications has seen the technology establish itself as a key tool in design and personnel training. Today, computer-generated, 3D representations of the physical world offer immersive experiences, allowing the user to engage fully in training across multiple scenarios and challenges, without visiting a training centre.

Vestdavit has always placed high priority on end-user training, where davit system performance enhancements have created ever-rising expectations for ship and boat crew safety alike. For this reason, Vestdavit has developed its own Virtual Reality training solution that uses software developed together with Mount Visual in Bergen, an authentic remote control unit and VR goggles to simulate what it is like to operate our davits in real life. The desktop PC-compatible package fits into a container no larger than a suitcase.

Vestdavit Virtual Reality allows the user to overcome limitations that usually apply in real life training, so that crews can experience in a virtual way what it is like to operate the owner’s davit systems and their handling responsiveness in all kinds of weather. Crew can practice on- and offloading of a fast response craft (FRC) or workboat at no risk and practice operating the ‘constant tension control’ from Vestdavit, used to recover boats safely and efficiently in heavy weather situations.

Vestdavit VR can simulate handling boats using anything from a small single point davit with an SWL of 2000 kg to a highly advanced Dual Telescopic Davit System with SWL of up to 40,000 kg. Both the mother vessel and the boats being handled can be rendered in  detail form, while settings can also be adjusted from calm seas to stormy weather and adapted to incorporate features such as painter line operations, etc.

By subscribing to Vestdavit’s new Training Portal, updates to our VR software can be downloaded, while the program can also be expanded to build in scenarios requested by customers themselves. Furthermore, instructors who have successfully passed Vestdavit’s existing training course are qualified to give instruction using Vestdavit VR.

For more information about Vestdavit VR, please contact: Henric Collvin, After Sales Director, +47 479 11 559,

We`re moving!

The 28th June, Vestdavit will be moving its head offices to new premises that better fit our current and future needs. Our new premises are located at Floor 4, Damsgårdsveien 125, 5160 Laksevåg, Bergen, very close to our existing head office and all contact details will remain unchanged. Thank you for your understanding if there is any disruption during our move.

PAP-6000 davits for the Royal Norwegian Navy`s largest ship

Royal Norwegian Navy’s biggest ship to date, KNM Maud, lands in Norway fully equipped with innovative MOB boat launch and recovery system courtesy of Vestdavit.

A high profile example of the continuing preference of navies and coastguards for Vestdavit boat launching and recovery systems arrived in Bergen’s Haakonsvern naval base during March, in the shape of the davits on board KNM Maud.

The multirole Navy Logistics vessel, whose primary task will be to operate as a supply ship is nonetheless the largest ship ever to join the Norwegian Navy fleet. Originally ordered in 2013, the ship was accepted from South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering yard at the end of 2018 following exhaustive inspections by our home navy, leaving the Okpo yard on 3 February for arrival in Norway by late March.

KNM Maud features two PAP-6000 marine davits capable of lifting MOB boats weighing up to 6 tons in conditions up to sea state 6. The davits are fully equipped with the innovative Vestdavit combination of hydraulic shock absorber, self-tensioning system, hydraulic end stop, wire puller and docking head. These davits can also be operated by Remote Control, so that the operator can get the best view of operations for optimized control.

For more information, please contact: Bjørnar Dahle, Tel: +47 452 19 573, e-mail:




New training package success in theory and practice

The scope of user training available from Vestdavit now takes in hands-on davit use, following the commissioning of a new quayside A-frame unit at a demonstration area at our  Bergen headquarters.

A three-day Vestdavit boat launching and recovery training course staged in February in Bergen brought strong positive feedback from participants, based on its structure of classroom presentations plus practical sessions at the quay. The course also brought certification for a new batch of approved Vestdavit davit systems service partner technicians from Brazil, Singapore and Turkey.

Vestdavit’s scalable training program has been developed to fit the requirements of any course participant, including davit operators, ship crews, ship technicians and service partners. In this case, the training program covered the HSE, IMO and SOLAS safety rules governing marine davit operations at sea, but also an in-depth classroom session with Vestdavit’s  engineers on the practicalities of davit operations, maintenance and service.

With all participants successful in securing a ‘pass’, Vestdavit was also delighted that the post-training evaluation indicated that attendees were fully satisfied, one Singapore-based engineer describing the sessions as “very interesting” and “well organized training”, and that “discussions were truly inspiring”.

As well as user-specific modules, Vestdavit has also developed training that is tailormade for individual davit systems, which will be particularly useful for clients requiring specialized skills and certification, such as navies and coastguards. Instruction can be given on board using the customer’s own equipment.

”I would like to thank you for these days and well organized training, very interesting and discussions were truly inspiring. This helped me identify clearer. Thanks once again. Says on of the service tehnician from Singapore”

For more information on the full scope of Vestdavit’s training program, please contact: Henric Collvin, After Sales Director, Tel +47 47 91 15 59, e-mail: