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Esvagt turns to Vestdavit for high seas windfarm boat-handling

Vestdavit has reinforced its claim to be the davit supplier of choice for higher sea states after securing orders to equip three state-of-the-art Esvagt Service Operations Vessels (SOVs) destined to support windfarm maintenance in challenging North Sea conditions.

Developed by Havyard Design & Solution and built by Havyard Ship Technology, the Esvagt trio will be delivered in 2020-2021. The construction project continues a run of eight Havyard designed vessels built for Esvagt but the davit contract has brought Vestdavit particular satisfaction, after earlier projects went to the competition.

“These are repeat orders, demonstrating that Esvagt has been very happy with the quality and competitiveness of vessels delivered from the Leirvik yard,” says Rolf Andreas Wigand, Managing Director, Vestdavit. “We are therefore especially delighted that Hayvard has switched its boat launching and recovery system preference for these latest high performance SOVs. This will also bring the number of Esvagt vessels equipped with davits from Vestdavit over a three year period to six.”

Each of the SOVs will be equipped with one PAP-16000 Workboat davit  with emergency launch capabilities, one PLRH-5000 SOLAS davit, two L-3500 Life raft davits and one Telescopic painter boom, with all equipment to be delivered by 2020.

“More and more, windfarm development is taking place further from shore, increasing the need for specialised vessels to transport personnel to the turbine in demanding conditions. Boat launch and recovery requires special attention to match expectations for the SOV and ensure that crews are comfortable and safe when sea states are high.”

In the configurations delivered to Esvagt, both the PAP-16000 and PLRH-5000 davits will be able to perform in sea states up to 6.

With SWL of 16,000KG, the PAP-16000  is Vestdavit’s largest single point davit and uses a docking head to fix the boat into position during the lifting and lowering process. It is designed to handle Esvagt`s large STB12 workboat fully equipped. To do this in challenging seas the davit will offer lifting speeds of 45m/min and is equipped with shock absorbers and a constant tension system. It will also be supported by a long-outreach telescopic painter boom with winch to provide adjustable tension on the painter line.

The PLRH-5000 davit is a fully SOLAS-approved davit designed for customers with high performance needs which Esvagt will use to launch and recover its own STB7 boat. The unit achieves lifting speeds as high as 60m/min and is equipped with shock absorbers, a constant tension system and hydraulic guiding arms.

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Rolf Andreas Wigand, tel, +47 99 46 48 62, email:

MissionEase chosen for Nexans cable layer

Vestdavit has secured a major breakthrough for its MissionEase multi-boat handling system for mission bays, after winning the contract to equip the Nexans flag ship cable layer Nexans Aurora.

The high-end Nexans cable laying vessel (CLV) has been designed by Skipsteknisk in Ålesund and will be constructed by Norwegian yard Ulstein Verft. At 149.9m in length, 31 m width and with capacity to accommodate 90 personnel, she will perform power cable laying, cable system protection and trenching, and be capable of high maneuverability and DP3 station-keeping capabilities.

Rather than using overhead cranes within the mission bay, MissionEase works on a system of hydraulic cradles which move boats safely from their stowage positions to maintenance, preparation, or launch areas.

This complete MissionEase system order, which davits installed either side of the mission bay, deck-mounted transfer rails and the unique cradle mechanism to handle multiple boats, follows on from a previous contract to supply a variant of the solution to Esvagt. Its selection by Nexans is truly significant, given that this vessel has been designed specifically to operate in rough conditions.

The full-size Vestdavit MissionEase system will be able to handle several workboats/tug boats for launch from or recovery to either side of the ship, with one operator using a remote control to launch and recover the mission boat, including all on-deck handling.

The davits to be used in combination with MissionEase are Vestdavit’s compact and reliable Telescopic TDB-5000 units, which are often chosen by Coastguards, Navies and offshore operators when space, as well as performance, is key. The TDB-5000 is also equipped with a range of safety features such as shock absorbers, constant tension, remote control and wire puller.

In addition to the MissionEase system, Vestdavit is also delivering two H-9000 davits capable of handling a pair of Fassmer SLT 8.5 life/tender boats within the terms of the contract.

For further information, please contact: Martin S. Hansen, Area Sales Manager +47 400 73 247,

Training program gets ‘hands-on’

Vestdavit has developed a new and scalable training program that can be adapted to fit the requirements of any course participant, including davit operators, ship crews, ship technicians and service partner technicians.

The new easy-to-follow training program and its supporting documentation have been devised by our skilled pool of instructors, whose knowledge and experience covers all aspects of the davit system. Based on their expertise, course modules have been customized to focus on the specific competencies required by the different parties engaging with davits in service.

Building on a comprehensive framework of classroom-based instruction, the new program has been developed to exploit the expansion of Vestdavit’s training facility close to its Bergen office, which will soon feature a new A-frame to support practical sessions offered within the program. With a davit available at all times, practical training sessions will focus on ‘hands-on’ experience to make sure that  participants feel comfortable when using and maintaining the davit system.

Vestdavit has also developed training modules that are tailormade for specific davits, which will be particularly useful for clients requiring specialized skills and certification, such as navies and coastguards. Instruction can be given on board using the customer’s own equipment.

Find out more about your customized training offering!

For further details, please contact: Henric Collvin, After Sales Director, Tel +47 47 91 15 59,

Made to measure for US customers

Vestdavit has been delivering davits to customers in the U.S. since the early 1990s, but the start-up of a U.S. subsidiary in September 2017 recognizes the fact that North America has become our biggest single market.

Establishing Vestdavit, Inc., based in Seattle, represents a new strategic commitment in support of our longstanding U.S. customer base, where our davits have found particular favour with Government agencies such as the US Navy, US Coast Guard and NOAA. It also demonstrates our confidence in new market opportunities.

We see great potential for additional business from existing clients and believe that our innovative solutions put us in a strong position to bid on projects in the reawakening offshore market.

There are also some interesting niche segments emerging in the US, such as the market for expedition cruising and Vestdavit Inc. recently commissioned two telescopic davit systems for rescue boats for Lindblad Cruises’ newest vessel, National Geographic Venture. This ship will explore remote areas in the arctic and, when it comes to the wonders of nature, the rescue boats will be instrumental in bringing guests closer to the action.

For more information on Vestdavit’s U.S. capabilities, contact: Magnus Oding, General Manager, +1 425 501 5936,

Adding strength in depth

Two significant new hires have been made, each of which in its own way will strengthen both Vestdavit as a company and its interactions with its clients.

As far as our customer-facing team is concerned, William Goodall joins us following his appointment as Area Sales Manager with responsibility for the UK, India and Middle East markets. William has a background in the Royal Navy (UK), where he served eight years as an officer, which is likely to prove invaluable in building and maintaining relationships with some of our key customers.

It is also a pleasure to welcome Torbjørn Jensen as he joins Vestdavit as new CFO. Torbjørn holds an MBA and has a strong track record working in accounting and finance positions across a number of international businesses and will take responsibility for all aspects of the company’s finances and reporting.


Vestdavit Tow Winch : TW-4150

A distinguishing feature of the Vestdavit range of boat-handling solutions, and one of the reasons for our continuing success as a davit supplier, is the emphasis we place on safe handling across a variety of ship speeds – whatever the sea state.

Exemplary is the thinking behind the electrically-powered TW-4150 tow winch, which is capable of handling loads of up to 1,500kg at speeds ranging between 0-30m/min, or heavier loads of up to 4,150kg with variable speed 0-12m/min. With key components housed in stainless steel electrical control cabinet, the TW-4150 also features a stainless steel operator control box and joystick and is Shock-Approved according to Mil-S-901D standards.

At Vestdavit, we design and engineer our own winches, and believe that specifying all components to our exacting standards has proved one of the main reasons why we have become the leading supplier of high-performance davits. All of our lifting and lowering winches meet and exceed safety and performance requirements set out by SOLAS, and most are Med-B certified by DNV-GL for man-riding, and we set the same performance standards for our towing winches.

Among an array of features distinguishing the TW-4150 is its Absolute Encoder, which enables automatic slow down near the end-stop position and its stop function. Also highly valued by clients is the Vestdavit torque-controlled slip function, which protects against winch overloading. The incorporation of advanced PLC  capability also means that more functions can be added according to customer needs.

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Exhibition in New Orleans

Vestdavit will attend the International WorkBoat Show in New Orleans 28-30 November 2018.

Please visit us at stand #1348. We are ready to talk to you.
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New service partner in South Africa

To strengthen our local presence, Vestdavit AS has been going through an evaluation phase for the last months to appoint a preferred service partner in South Africa. We have signed an agreement with Novamarine, which as of October 1st is a division of Sturrock Grindrod. This service partner, we believe, will serve as a very good partner in South Africa with workshop, warehouse and technicians with the needed expertise. The partnership is active from October 2018.

For contact with Novamarine please contact: Susan Meldrum, Operations Manager, tel. +27 82 900 4659, email:

No substitute for the ‘VestWinch’

In bringing its largest ever singel point davit to market, with a 16-tonne loading capacity, Vestdavit recently showed once more how a decision taken years ago continues to pay dividends in setting itself apart from the competition.

At the heart of our latest PAP-16000 is the most powerful winch developed in-house, whose 50 m/min handling speeds offer one indication of performance characteristics that are unique to davits from Vestdavit.

Winch components are specified by Vestdavit

But our own winches, designed and engineered by Vestdavit, are at the heart of every davit we supply. In fact, we have branded our units ‘VestWinch’ to highlight that not only the design but the components are specified by Vestdavit and to distinguish our approach from suppliers who use generic winches and are therefore content to rely on performance claims made by others.

The VestWinch and its hydraulic systems provide the platform for our equipment’s performance, including our unique, failsafe self-tension system.

Fortunately, our winches are easily identifiable by the fact that Vestdavit always uses stainless steel piping, rather than less durable hosing for connection purposes. Hosing is likely to fail within five years, whereas piping will last for the lifetime of the davit. There are 25 unique VestWinches available, ranging from 1-28 tons SWL. All of them meet and exceed all safety and performance requirements set out by SOLAS, and most are Med-B certified by DNV-GL for man-riding.

At Vestdavit, our view is that the safety of those working at sea must be paramount, even if the investments we have made in enhancing the performance of our davits costs a little more. Vestdavit believes that the VestWinch provides a clear example of our willingness to invest in design, structure, performance and control of our equipment, adding value to the claims we make for the safety and reliability of our davits. It is also an investment strategy that delivers the continuous performance improvements on which we have built our reputation.

For more information on this topic please contact:

Atle Kalve, Development Director, Phone +47 908 93 939,

US patent confirms MissionEase originality

Securing a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for our MissionEase boat handling solution for mission bays offers a clear signal to the maritime and offshore industries that the intellectual property rights behind Vestdavit innovation are strongly protected.

MissionEase has been widely acknowledged for its originality. Added to the patent safeguard we already have in Norway and the pending application covering all EU territories, protection in the US will be decisive when navies, coastal and SAR authorities, offshore support vessel and cruise ship owners assess claims made for the solution.

Mission Bay

Mission bays allow boats and other equipment to be stored, maintained, prepared and launched safely from a protected area within the ship’s profile. MissionEase transfers RHIBS, USVs and other craft between their storage and the davit launch areas on cradles in a safer and more efficient manner, even in high seas or during a vessel listing.

Developed for simplicity and cost effectiveness, MissionEase nonetheless turns boat-handling within the mission bay ‘on its head’ by replacing overhead gantries. The solution therefore avoids the hazards of swinging loads when the ship is in motion, and time-consuming slinging/unslinging, while also lowering the ship’s centre of gravity.

Unlike previous solutions based on comparable principles, MissionEase includes a unique apparatus that allows boats moving forward along longitudinal rails to be delivered to a cradle feeding davits on either side of the bay without any rails intersecting. This patented feature means that more boats can be handled more safely and more efficiently using fewer davits.

In a market where mission ship flexibility is vital, and the expedition cruise sector is opening a new chapter in multi-boat handling, we are very proud that the original thinking that has made the MissionEase solution so compelling is now formally recognized by US patent authorities.

For more information on this topic see video or contact: Atle Kalve, Development Director, Phone +47 908 93 939,