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New After Sales Director on-board

Vestdavit is strengthening its after sales team and has hired Henric Collvin as After Sales Director to provide a lead. With a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management from Chalmers University of Technology Henric joins us from a previous position as Tender Project Manager for Technip FMC, which puts him in a very good position to understand customer expectations.

Henric will take responsibility for building up strong, long-term customer relations and increase Vestdavit’s competitiveness through ensuring our after sales services meet best practice standards.

Today, Vestdavit’ s after sales team is a 10-man strong unit that includes service technicians, spare parts sales personnel and support staff. Henric will also manage our global network of service partners and establish further partners as required by our customers.

Please contact Henric for any enquiry regarding service agreements or other after sales matters.

Upcoming exhibitions

Vestdavit will exhibit at the Work Boat Show in New Orleans and at Marintec in Shanghai, both of which events take place late November and early in December, and both of which are key events in the Vestdavit calendar. Please accept an open invitation to come and see us at the Vestdavit booth if you are visiting either of these trade shows. Stand no. at Workboat show is 1349.

Vestdavit opens office in the US

Safe boat handling specialist Vestdavit has responded to a sustained positive trend in North American business levels by opening an office in the United States.

The Bergen-based supplier of davits and other boat launching equipment is opening an office in Seattle and says that direct representation will help it build on its existing strong regional reputation. Its davits are already widely used by the US Navy, the US Coast Guard, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and in the offshore oil industry among others.

Vestdavit believes its success in the US is the result of its ability to deliver high-quality davits, providing operators with reliable, durable and safe boat handling.

“The opening of the US office is an important milestone in our strategic plan, where we aim to position Vestdavit as the industry innovator in advanced boat-handling systems”, said Mr. Rolf Andreas Wigand, Managing Director of Vestdavit. The US subsidiary will provide sales and marketing, as well as after sales support in the US. It will also allow Vestdavit to expand its horizons in the US, Mr. Wigand said, to take in other segments where the company has a strong track record in davit deliveries, including offshore support and service vessels, expedition cruise ships, and special purpose vessels.

“During more than two decades of collaboration with our US agent, Scan Pacific Northwest, we have achieved a significant success in the US. We are now in an excellent position to grow our business further. I would like to place on record my thanks to Kirsti Hveding, Managing Director of Scan Pacific Northwest for her company’s support.”

The Seattle office will be managed by Magnus Oding, who for many years held the position of Marketing Manager at SPNW, working closely with customers throughout the US. Mr. Oding will initially head a three-strong key account management and customer support team, alongside colleague Alex Mazick, who also joins Vestdavit from SPNW as Spare Parts Coordinator. In the first instance, the team will be completed by a service technician, responsible for on-site customer support, annual and five year inspections, and on-board training.

Mr. Wigand said that Vestdavit intends to expand its after sales support in the US and to increase its locally-based service team over time to make OEM servicing more available and affordable, reducing the need to send service technicians from overseas. He added that while the company would continue to manufacture its products in Norway and Central Europe, Vestdavit is also prepared to produce parts in the US “if this makes sense from a business perspective, or if required by government”.

About Vestdavit:

Vestdavit designs, supplies and supports tailor-made solutions for launching and recovering boats in difficult conditions at sea. Its range of boat handling systems and davits are the first choice of navies, coastguards, seismic survey operators, pilot authorities and offshore operators who need to be able to operate small boats safely from larger vessels. Since 1975 Bergen-based Vestdavit has supplied over 1,900 davits and side and stern launch systems. They have proven themselves for almost 40 years of use in the North Sea and other harsh environments around the world. Self-tensioning and shock absorbing systems ensure crew safety and widen the operational window for the users. Vestdavit’s key focus is on operational effectiveness, safety and the reliability of its equipment.

For more information, please contact:
Rolf Andreas Wigand

Managing Director,

Vestdavit AS

+47 99 46 48 62


Magnus Oding

General Manager,

Vestdavit Inc.

+1 425 501 5936

CADCAM options for the open-minded


Design options are best visualized and Vestdavit’s 2D and 3D davit digital library of drawings is putting CAD files where they belong – at the disposal of ship designers for download to include at the concept stage. By being available to ‘cut and paste’ images into main vessel design drawings, those specifying or recommending davits can easily envisage the implications of the different models available.

Vestdavit’s large range of davits, covering naval, coastguard, commercial marine and offshore sectors, can be accessed via a web portal developed with CAD-based platform innovator SolidComponents. Drawings are available as Step files in all relevant CAD formats and the files are easy to work with and download for use within overall vessel design, and continuously updated.

A downloaded davit drawing, including accurate measurements, can simply be pasted into the project a designer is working on. Designers can also explore a menu of optional Davit extras to refine their specifications.

“Naval architects log into the Vestdavit digital library and can download exactly what they need within a couple of minutes, without the frustrations of exchanging large data files via email or follow up phone calls,” says Bjørnar Dahle, Vestdavit Sales and Business Development Director. “Using the digital database means that naval architects can have the exact drawings they need at their fingertips. Envisaging the way adjusting one parameter affects other parts of the davit installation is an automated process, meaning that designers can see the consequences of their decisions in an easily navigable procedure.”

Take a look at the Vestdavit digital drawing library by following this link.



It is no surprise to learn that Vestdavit will be out in force at Nor-Shipping 2017, and we look forward to welcoming visitors to our exhibition stand. It’s been a busy year for the company, with product launches, new quality system certification, strong orders from naval customers, and some interesting refinements in both our product and service offerings, not to mention a complete overhaul of our branding! To find out more, come and visit Vestdavit at Nor-Shipping 2017, on stand C05-44e.

Five-year service for PAPH-10000

The revolutionary SWATH Wandelaar, designed and built by Abeking & Rasmussen for the Belgian Pilots, is a special vessel for Vestdavit, featuring two of our ground-breaking PAPH-10000 davits. The vessel, operated by Flemish Government subsidiary Vloot, has just completed its first five-year inspection and maintenance overhaul in a 12-day drydocking followed by sea trials in Dunkirk.

Lead Vloot superintendent Benoît Versavel took time out to praise the service offered by our engineers as part of the load tests, safety tests and general overhaul of the PAPH-10000 davits he describes as “reliable workhorses”. “Overall I am really pleased,” he says. “The technicians are friendly, but very professional and perform excellent work.”

The PAPH-10000 provides something of a model for product development here at Vestdavit, which is perhaps why servicing units in service brings the best out of our service technicians. Its conception can be traced to a single phone call from A&R. “We have a client with a special need,” we were told.

The ‘client’ turned out to be the organization representing the pilots who operate along the Elbe, whose high expectations stretched our best designers and Naval Architect, while also requiring willingness to engage fully with A&R project management, pilot management and crew.

The result was, and still is, the most advanced davit we have ever made – the PAPH type, single point davit for MOB and FRDCs, characterized by its compact design and its Anti-Pendulation Device. The PAPH-10000 is PLC computer controlled with preprogrammed sequences for launching and recovering the boat.  This enables the capability for multiple embarkation positions. The two davits on board Wandelaar are used for as many as 7,000 operations yearly, transferring pilots to and from ships outside the port of Antwerp. The vessel plays a key role keeping ship traffic running in this busy port.

To find out more about the Vestdavit service network, contact Service Manager, Kristian Moss. E mail:

Expedition ships to get Mission Ease

Vestdavit has turned its attention to the way its MissionEase multiple-boat handling system for hangars and mission bays can make boat handling on passenger ships safer and simpler as a new generation of expedition yachts and ice-strengthened cruise ships seek the spectacular destinations found in harsher locations.

First delivered to an offshore customer at the end of 2016, MissionEase is equally at home in the luxury passenger vessel setting, where it can stow, launch and retrieve up to 24 ribs (typically of 7-8m in length), kayaks, waterjets and similar equipment.

MissionEase is simpler, quicker, safer and cheaper than any other boat handling system for mission bays available. It brings together Vestdavit’s experience in naval and seismic ships to make the best use of any hangar or mission bay with a deck-height of up to 2,900mm.

Rather than using overhead cranes within the mission bay, MissionEase works on a system of hydraulic cradles which move boats safely from their stowage positions to maintenance, preparation or launch areas. It links seamlessly with single-point davits to deploy or recover boats from both or one side of the vessel, enabling one operator using a remote control to launch and recover the mission boat, including all on-deck handling.

“The ability to deploy and recover boats safely is part of the main armory of today’s expedition cruise ships and yachts,” says Rolf Andreas Wigand, Managing director, Vestdavit. “A mission bay allows the boats and other equipment to be stored, maintained, prepared and launched from a safe environment with a dry, freeboard. But the way existing systems rely on overhead gantries to move the boats within the bay can be dangerous, while slinging and unslinging can take time.

“MissionEase allows boats to be moved safely and quickly on cradles, even in high seas or during a vessel listing. The boats and other equipment are fed directly to the davits for launch, or feed directly back into the stow when recovered.”

To find out more, visit Vestdavit at Nor-Shipping 2017, on stand C05-44e.


PAP-16000 is the new lifting force

Vestdavit recently completed its largest ever single-point A-frame davit for over-the-side boat handling, as we continue to rise to challenges set by our customers for the launch and retrieval of ever-larger workboats from their ships.

The first PAP-16000 davit, which features a safe working load of 16t, will be installed on board a service operation vessel destined for a specialized segment in the offshore industry for an unspecified owner. The 58.5 m length vessel, due delivery by the end of 2017, will operate off north continental Europe.

The PAP-16000 has received approval from DNV GL and can handle workboats in conditions of up to sea state 5. It features an anti-pendulation docking head and guiding arms to limit load sway in adverse weather.

We have supplied bigger davits. We have delivered dual-point/winch davits of up to 36t SWL a 30t single point davit for stern operations, making us the market leader in handling very large workboats. However, the PAP-16000 is our largest single point davit with docking system for lifting over-the-side of a ship to date, where single point handling of larger and larger workboats without compromising stability presents challenges.

The first PAP-16000 will need to lift one crew boat able to carry up to five personnel, but another able to carry a complement of up to 10 persons plus one ton of cargo. This means it needs to be flexible, while this first unit will also be distinguished by its high operating speeds, with the customer requesting lifting speeds of 45 m/min.

The PAP-16000 offered is our newest innovative option for owners of not only SOVs, but emergency response and rescue vessels, pilot ships, standby vessels, multi-purpose offshore vessels and other types of construction vessel.

For more information, contact: Martin Hansen, Area Sales Manager,

Extreme low weight aluminium

Latest feedback suggests that the weight advantages of aluminium davits, long-accepted by navies, coastguards and fast ferry operators. are convincing owners in new markets to look again at the structural alternative to steel.

The Australian Border Protection recently decided to equip two more Cape Class Patrol Boats with PLAR-6500 aluminium davits from Vestdavit, having already installed 16 units on their eight new patrol ships to lift 6,500 kg Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs). The self-tensioned davits feature shock absorbers, guiding rails, wire haulers, and independent HPUs, safely launching and retrieving boats at up to 10 knots in the heavy seas that stretch from the tropics to the Antarctic.

The lighter weight option is also preferred for fast patrol boat applications by the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Danish Navy, the Swedish Navy, the US Coast Guard and others. Furthermore, security-conscious authorities operating fast response craft in the Middle East and South Asia are newly engaging with the benefits conferred by the aluminum davits in the 850-7,000 kg safe working load range offered by Vestdavit.

Every kilo saved in onboard equipment weight can enhance vessel stability and add payload. At 30% lighter than their steel-structured equivalents the aluminum davit brings a tangible stability gain for lighter duty vessels, while also minimizing corrosion and being non-magnetic. Operationally, lower vessel CoG translates into better maneuverability, lower fuel consumption, greater speed responsiveness and an expansion of the ship’s operational window.

For more information, please contact: Sven Arild Wågsæther, Director of Operations, Ph: +47 97 77 51 89, E-mail:

Join the Vestdavit blog

The Vestdavit blog recently went live and we’re inviting your comments.

As always, our aim is to serve the buyers and users of our davits, and for our products and services to be under continuous improvement. Those efforts don’t take place in a vacuum; they need to be based on dialogue with our customers on the challenges they face and the solutions we can suggest. Often, the solution comes via better communication.

The Vestdavit blog is a platform for our experts to offer their insights into latest developments in the technology, safety and operating efficiency of davits from Vestdavit.  We hope that they are useful, informative and, perhaps, a little entertaining.