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Champion for Service

A full davit inspection and service on the seismic vessel Oceanic Champion highlights why customers choose to work with certified specialists from Vestdavit when it comes to equipment renewal.   

Recent work at Frederikshavn’s Orskov yard, Denmark on the CCG Eidesvik vessel Oceanic Champion included a 10-day inspection and repair project covering two TDB-9000 telescopic workboat davits.

“This was typical of the 5-year inspection and repair projects we carry out worldwide, as far as it called for the ingenuity and deep knowledge only available from certified technicians,” says Vestdavit Service Manager, Kristian Moss.

The project included davit removal to the workshop; dismantling for internal checks; repainting; overhauling several hydraulic cylinders; davit reinstallation; and 10% overload testing overseen by DNVGL.

However, as with any service work the full scope only became clear to Vestdavit service engineers Kristian Aase and Jarle Reistad after inspection. “The scope of work also involved installation of new seal kits, replacing wire sheaves, hoses and lifting wire,” says Aase, whose service report includes an account of daily work done, with some days running to 14 working hours.

“Service is all about being available to the customer and flexible,” says Moss. “Our experienced service personnel also know the importance of developing a good working relationship with the partner yard to meet the customer’s requirements.”

Cooperation Agreement between ECA and Vestdavit for Launch and Recovery Systems

ECA and Vestdavit are proud to announce that, at the occasion of Euronaval, they have signed a cooperation agreement to develop the next generation of Launch and Recovery systems for Unmanned Maritime Systems.

The use of Unmanned Maritime Systems (“UMS”), Remotely Operated Vehicles (“ROV”), Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (“AUV”) as well as Unmanned Surface Vehicles (“USV”) by Navies but also by O&G, Scientific and other customers, requires their operation from various types of ships, even in high sea states. In addition, when a combination of different types of vehicles are used from the same vessel, they need to be managed, stored and handled onboard taking into account, launch and recovery of course, but also their support (e.g. battery charging, maintenance, repair…).

ECA and Vestdavit have therefore decided to combine their expertise and capabilities to develop the next generation of launch and recovery systems for UMS.

As part of this agreement ECA will bring its 50 years of experience in developing and providing over 2,000 unmanned underwater and surface vehicles worldwide as well as its knowledge in operating them and in particular its technology and patents regarding the launch and recovery of AUVs.

On its side, Vestdavit will bring its 40 years of experience and over 1,900 davits and side and stern launch systems provided worldwide for all types of customers as well as its mission bay concept.

The solution that will be provided under this agreement will incorporate the latest technologies and innovation developed by both companies, enabling ECA to propose the best Launch and Recovery solution for its UMS customers allowing them to operate their systems safely even in the most demanding environments.

About ECA:

The ECA Group is renowned for its expertise in robotics, automated systems, simulation and industrial processes. Ever since 1936 it has been developing complete innovative technological solutions to perform complex missions in hostile or restrictive environments.

Its products are used by a demanding international clientele requiring the highest levels of safety and efficiency, mainly in the sectors of defence, maritime, aerospace, simulation, energy and industrial equipment.


About Vestdavit:

Vestdavit designs, supplies and supports tailor-made solutions for launching and recovering boats in difficult conditions at sea. Its range of boat handling systems and davits are the first choice of navies, coastguards, seismic survey operators, pilot authorities and offshore operators who need to be able to operate small boats safely from larger vessels. Since 1975 Bergen-based Vestdavit has supplied over 1,900 davits and side and stern launch systems. They have proven themselves for almost 40 years of use in the North Sea and other harsh environments around the world. Self-tensioning and shock absorbing systems ensure crew safety and widen the operational window for the users. Vestdavit’s key focus is on operational effectiveness, safety and the reliability of its equipment.


For more information: 

Rolf Andreas Wigand

Managing Director

Vestdavit AS

+47 99 46 48 62


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Hugh O’Mahony

Director, PR

JLA Media

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Quality Management assured

Vestdavit is very proud to have become one of the first companies in the marine and offshore sector to achieve certification under the revised ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System during 2016.

ISO 9001 standards are continuously reviewed and periodically updated to reflect the changing challenges faced by business. QMS re-certification for Vestdavit acknowledges the company’s continuing investment in standards, and offers tangible and timely evidence of a company’s proactive approach to meeting customer expectations.

For the first time in the history of the ISO 9001 scheme, ISO 9001:2015 adopts a risk-based approach to Quality Management processes across an organization and it operations. ISO 9001:2015 certification, also secured through DNVGL, indicates that Vestdavit addresses organizational risks and opportunities in a structured manner.

“Vestdavit has held Quality Assurance certification from DNV GL since 2000,” says Hilde Laupsa, Vestdavit Quality Assurance HSE & Project Manager. “The scheme offers documentary proof of our commitment to enhancing our management culture. Re-certification under ISO 9001:2015 demonstrates that Vestdavit has evolved with the scheme to address our customers’ needs – to operate in more complex supply chains, to use information more effectively, and to take into account views from wider society.”

New visual identity for Vestdavit

Sustained low oil prices, changing safety rules and new vessel operating scenarios require more flexibility from Vestdavit’s boat handling systems than ever before. We believe our new identity captures the agility now required of marine equipment suppliers.

As the world’s leading provider of safe and efficient davits, our response needs to be coherent and strategic, rather than tactical, which is why we decided to renew our visual identity and branding.

“Our company name is unchanged, as is our commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. But our logo and identity is a brand new reflection of our values; safe, innovative and reliable,” explains Rolf Andreas Wigand, Vestdavit managing director. “Our identity is bolder, brighter and more impactful than before, and we hope this is will also be reflected in our business actions. The competitive landscape is changing faster than ever, and this puts new demands on us as a company.”

Evidence of the Vestdavit response can be found at our relaunched website , which even includes a 3D drawing tool to visualise davit solutions. We have also developed a series of new product guides and videos, outlining our latest developments, which can all be seen on the new website.

For those preferring physical, rather than virtual evidence of change, this issue of the Vestdavit Newsletter includes a report on the first delivery of MissionEase – our new multi-boat handling system for Mission Bays, which works safely, even when the ship is in motion.

In short, in renewing the Vestdavit ‘safe boat handling for life’ promise, our rebranding reflects the fact that willingness to change is a lifelong necessity.


pattern chimpBrosjye cover chimp


Esvagt breaktrought for MissionEase

By the end of 2016, high profile offshore owner Esvagt will become the first user of the Vestdavit MissionEase multi-boat handling solution for mission bays, on completion of its new North Sea crew change vessel by Spanish shipbuilder Astillero Zamakona.

MissionEase is truly unique: it is the first multi-boat handling system in the offshore segment designed from conception to serve the widest array of ancillary craft. It uses a system of hydraulic cradles running along the mission bay deck to move boats from stowage positions to maintenance, preparation or launch areas, with a patented feeding system linking seamlessly with dual or single-point davits on either side of the vessel.

“Many existing multi-boat handling systems rely on overhead gantries to lift boats within the bay. This can be hazardous when ships are in motion, while slinging and unslinging boats consumes precious time,” says Vestdavit Development Director Atle Kalve “The flexibility of MissionEase is designed to match the flexibility demanded of mission bay operations.”

With its unique waggons and boat cradles, MissionEase allows boats to be moved within the bay, even in high seas, providing Esvagt with a wider operational window, a critical benefit for their North Sea operation.

Multi-boat handling on the high seas will be a defining characteristic of flexibility for offshore ships in the years ahead. MissionEase’s fast and safe solution for transferring boats between storage and davit will enhance the attractions of these specialised vessels for charter.


Detail of MissionEase debut

Being able to deploy a wide range of types and sizes and boats, and unmanned surface vehicles quickly and safely allows multi-role ships to adapt to changing missions. MissionEase is simpler, quicker, safer and cheaper than any boat handling system available. 

Its debut Esvagt crew boat installation will feature four fixed boat supports on deck, adaptable to accommodate three different boat types, plus one transverse cradle with lift and lowering capability. The transverse MissionEase cradle will feed boats to one Vestdavit TDB-5000 telescopic davits on each side of ship. As part of the contract, Vestdavit is delivering a PLR-15000 Workboat davit to accommodate a 15t daughter craft onboard, with an 8t SWL telescopic painter boom.

TDB-5000 01 Vestdavit MBCS_StillImage (2)TDB-5000 07


Special duties in the Med

The supply vessel Siem Pilot is Norway’s contribution to Triton, the search and rescue operation that is saving lives on a daily basis in the Mediterranean, in response to the seemingly inexhaustible flow of refugees heading from North Africa to Europe in flimsy inflatables.

Deployed in June 2015, the vessel and her crew reckon to have picked up 10,000 desperate voyagers, whose lives might otherwise have been lost.

Chartered by Norway’s Ministry of Justice and Public Security from owner Siem Meling Offshore, Siem Pilot was converted to take on board up to 500 refugees before her departure from Norway. The vessel was also fitted with an additional Vestdavit PLR-3601 davit on the aft deck, used specifically to launch and retrieve two special forces’ Fast Rescue Craft that are assisting refugees to safety.

The davit is in daily use, and its performance and durability are critical to the overall rescue operation. Key features maximizing the operational window include the Vestdavit failsafe self-tension system and the hydraulic shock absorber, enabling the boat’s launch and retrieval in up to sea state 4.


“We are very proud to be contributing to this important humanitarian operation, and that our equipment is helping to save lives every day,” says Vestdavit Managing Director Rolf Andreas Wigand.


Vestdavit Service Engineer Kristian Aase recently undertook the Annual inspection of the davits used onboard Siem Pilot. “The davit was in very good condition despite heavy use over the last year,” he says. “A few items were corrected and improved on, after which the product warranty was extended for 12 months.”

Meeting a wider audience

Vestdavit’s two newest Area Sales Managers are already familiar faces within their own regions, but SMM 2016 provides an opportunity to introduce them to a broader audience (Visit Vestdavit, SMM 2016, Hall B5 Stand 233).

Håvard Lien Austerheim, Area Sales Manager for Norway, Scandinavia and Poland, will be a second time visitor to SMM, having joined Vestdavit in 2013.

Martin Sundgot Hansen, who has been with the company for 18 months and takes care of the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Latin America, is new to the ‘SMM experience’.

Both joined Vestdavit after careers with Norway’s armed forces and in the commercial marine sector. In fact, Martin (31) says he first came into contact with Vestdavit at customer Mare Safety AS. He was sufficiently impressed to make an approach, joining the company six months later in January 2015.

Håvard (30), who followed Royal Norwegian Navy service with two years at Bergen’s Maritime Technical School, explains the Vestdavit approach. “Our priority is to be flexible and service minded, so that the customer gets a fast response and the right quality, and feels taken care of.”

Both emphasise how cooperation between sales, technical and service staff at Vestdavit have sustained the company’s success. But they are also keenly aware that previously sector-specific competitors are now prepared to quote against any business opportunity.

What is clear is that both area sales managers are doing everything to keep pace with customer demands. Håvard, a keen hiker and trout fisherman who spends time in the mountains, says: “I’m part of a team which is always on call, because vessels at sea don’t take vacations.” Martin, a northerner from Hamarøy who counts big game hunting among his pursuits, is even more emphatic. “It’s a 24/7 job, especially with the difference in time zones between us and our customers. When I go hunting in the Fall, I can be checking my emails while waiting for a moose!” – sales for the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Latin America – sales for Norway, Scandinavia, Poland



Vestdavit Academy

The Vestdavit academy provides user and maintenance training for crew and operators. The training facility outside Bergen on the west coast facing the North Sea is a good venue for training. To facilitate the course Vestdavit has installed a PLAR-4000 MOB boat davit, fitted with all relevant safety features. This davit will serve as a demonstrator as well as a training platform for both maintenance and use in service.

Launching and recovering a boat in a high sea is one of the most difficult things a ship’s crew has to do. It calls for good timing, good teamwork and faith in good equipment.

Vestdavit systems are at the top of the range and are designed to be simple and intuitive to operate. But that interactive simplicity and high level performance can only be delivered by increasingly complex systems. Those systems need two things; the right regular maintenance and users who understand their capabilities and limits.

Vestdavit delivers tailored courses to users of its systems. The courses cover both the use and maintenance of the equipment, and runs for two days. In the fall of 2016, there will be four scheduled courses. Courses on board vessels can also be arranged, where Vestdavit’s tailor made training courses are given for the particular equipment on board.

Please contact our Training Manager, Jan Halvorsen for more information of our courses.

Full functional test of new PAPH-7000 davit

Vestdavit has recently performed a full functional test of its newest and most advanced PAP davit, the PAPH-7000 davit. This compact single-point davit is fitted with an anti-pendulation device and can safely launch and retrieve boats up to 7 tonnes in weight in sea state 6. A long series of these davits has been ordered for a new class of OPV being built for a major navy with significant territorial waters to patrol and protect.

The davit has a docking head to secure the boat during swing in/out of davit. The davit is fully computer controlled with direct feedback from the cylinders and winch and can be controlled remotely. This davit has all Vestdavit’s normal safety features including self-tensioner, shock absorber, wire puller and end stop.

The end-user of the davit has been fully involved in the design and development process of the new davit. Designing this davit was a challenge due to space constraints, as the davit needs to be placed in a ship recess, where the door opening is lower that the davit head. Vestdavit designed a tri-hinged davit with pre-programmed sequences to overcome this challenge.

Hydraulic cylinder safety

At the heart of the safe and efficient operation of every Vestdavit davit are the hydraulic cylinders. These provide the smooth and controllable power which allows the davit to swing in and out during launching and recovery of boats.  As key components of the whole safety system maintenance of these cylinders is vital.
A recent incident has highlighted this importance. Failure of a cylinder occurred following use of unauthorised spare parts, maintenance work and welding carried out by personnel not approved by Vestdavit. As this was a test no-one was hurt but the consequences for safe use and operational ability of a cylinder failure can be very serious.


Vestdavit strongly recommends that the hydraulic cylinders and their attachments to the davit must be regularly inspected by a qualified service person. Any replacement parts must be OEM parts supplied by Vestdavit and if there are any doubts about the condition or safety of the cylinder the cylinder must be replaced with a Vestdavit original cylinder and fitted by a qualified and trained service engineer. Use of spares not made by Vestdavit or made up locally, or unauthorised welding, can lead to serious consequences.
Vestdavit has a global service network ready to perform annual inspections and service work, backed by a well-developed spare parts system which ensures rapid and timely delivery of spares.
A web-based database enables clients to access the current maintenance, class and statutory status of their davits at any time. Drawings and spare parts lists are online too. We design toughness, ease of maintenance and reliability into our davits. But their critical operational role depends on regular maintenance and inspection, and the use of the correctly manufactured spare parts from the original manufacturer.