Unmanned Systems

Modern warships and coastguard cutters need to be flexible. They have to be able to handle multiple types of boats, weapons and
containers through one mission bay and on both sides of the vessel. Vestdavit works with integrators and hangar specialists to provide total multi-role capability.

Enhancing capability

Raiding boats, RIBs, AUV sonar systems, USVs, rescue craft – a modern warship or coastguard cutter has to deploy and recover all of these to cover multiple roles. But handling boats is no longer enough. A truly multi-role mission bay deploys the same lifting and carriage systems to load, discharge and move internally a wide range of weapons, ammunition and containers. Vestdavit can configure systems, MissionEase which can lift a wide range of boats and equipment and which are dimensioned to handle standard 20ft teu containers.


A truly multi-role mission bay will enable warships to swap roles quickly and to store and deploy a range of assets on either side of the vessel safely and quickly. Vestdavit’s experience working with door specialists, hangar equipment specialists and system integrators for navies, coastguards and seismic operators to deliver seamless boat and equipment launch and recovery, handling, internal transportation and storage is crucial to effective design and operation of a modern multi-role warship.