Hydraulic cylinder safety

Hydraulic cylinder safety
At the heart of the safe and efficient operation of every Vestdavit davit are the hydraulic cylinders. These provide the smooth and controllable power which allows the davit to swing in and out during launching and recovery of boats.  As key components of the whole safety system maintenance of these cylinders is vital.
A recent incident has highlighted this importance. Failure of a cylinder occurred following use of unauthorised spare parts, maintenance work and welding carried out by personnel not approved by Vestdavit. As this was a test no-one was hurt but the consequences for safe use and operational ability of a cylinder failure can be very serious.


Vestdavit strongly recommends that the hydraulic cylinders and their attachments to the davit must be regularly inspected by a qualified service person. Any replacement parts must be OEM parts supplied by Vestdavit and if there are any doubts about the condition or safety of the cylinder the cylinder must be replaced with a Vestdavit original cylinder and fitted by a qualified and trained service engineer. Use of spares not made by Vestdavit or made up locally, or unauthorised welding, can lead to serious consequences.
Vestdavit has a global service network ready to perform annual inspections and service work, backed by a well-developed spare parts system which ensures rapid and timely delivery of spares.
A web-based database enables clients to access the current maintenance, class and statutory status of their davits at any time. Drawings and spare parts lists are online too. We design toughness, ease of maintenance and reliability into our davits. But their critical operational role depends on regular maintenance and inspection, and the use of the correctly manufactured spare parts from the original manufacturer.