Lightweight davits lift performance

Resilience and reliability are performance prerequisites for the Cape Class fast patrol boats operated by the Australian Border Protection, but so are stability and rapid deployment for the craft protecting Australia’s borders. Every kilo saved in onboard equipment weight can deliver enhanced vessel stability, additional payload, or both.

That is why the PLAR-6500 davits from Vestdavit working on board the 58.1m length patrol boats are some 30 per cent lighter overall than the equivalent all-steel boat-handling system.

The self-tensioned davits are nonetheless fully SOLAS-compliant, and feature shock absorbers, guiding rails, wire haulers, hydraulic end stops and independent HPUs that are all delivered to Vestdavit standards of excellence. Two PLAR-6500 davits are fitted per vessel, each capable of lifting Rigid-hull Inflatable Boats (RIBs) of 6,500 kilos.

Vestdavit used high grade aluminium to deliver weight-saving davits for the Cape Class, which need to safely deploy and recover boats at speeds of up to 10 knots in heavy seas that stretch from the tropics to the Antarctic. The lighter weight option is also preferred by the Royal New Zealand Navy, the Danish Navy, the Swedish Navy, the US Coast Guard and other customers, all of which  operate fast patrol boats.