Made to measure for US customers

Lindblad TSB-2500

Vestdavit has been delivering davits to customers in the U.S. since the early 1990s, but the start-up of a U.S. subsidiary in September 2017 recognizes the fact that North America has become our biggest single market.

Establishing Vestdavit, Inc., based in Seattle, represents a new strategic commitment in support of our longstanding U.S. customer base, where our davits have found particular favour with Government agencies such as the US Navy, US Coast Guard and NOAA. It also demonstrates our confidence in new market opportunities.

We see great potential for additional business from existing clients and believe that our innovative solutions put us in a strong position to bid on projects in the reawakening offshore market.

There are also some interesting niche segments emerging in the US, such as the market for expedition cruising and Vestdavit Inc. recently commissioned two telescopic davit systems for rescue boats for Lindblad Cruises’ newest vessel, National Geographic Venture. This ship will explore remote areas in the arctic and, when it comes to the wonders of nature, the rescue boats will be instrumental in bringing guests closer to the action.

For more information on Vestdavit’s U.S. capabilities, contact: Magnus Oding, General Manager, +1 425 501 5936,