Norwegian Coast Guard chooses compact davit


The Norwegian Coast Guard has ordered six PLR-5002 compact single-point davits to be refitted on to its fleet of Nordkapp class offshore patrol vessels. The specially-designed 5 tonne SWL davit is mounted on a skid for easy installation.

The davits will handle a 5 tonne RIB and are capable of safe launch and recovery of a fully-loaded RIB in sea states up to five.

The Norwegian Coast Guard carries out surveillance of fisheries, environmental protection, search and rescue and customs supervision, all tasks which require constant launch and recovery of RIBs for boarding other vessels. Its patrol vessels operate in the harshest environments on the Norwegian coast and depend on davits that are safe to use.
Vestdavit is proud that the successful experience of the Norwegian Coast Guard with extensive use of Vestdavit davits in service has led to this major new commitment to our davits.


Interview with Commander Roar Lund of KV Nordkapp.
“We have to help other vessels when they are in trouble in bad weather,” says Commander Roar Lund, Captain of KV Nordkapp, a Norwegian Coast Guard offshore patrol vessel. “We need equipment we can rely on.”
That’s why Roar is happy that his vessel is the first of three Nordkapp-class vessels which are being retro-fitted with new Vestdavit davits as part of their upgrading and life extension programme. “I’ve worked with Vestdavit davits before,” he explains, “and they do the job very well. The new davits look impressive and we are looking forward to getting them into service.”
Service for the Nordkapp class means patrolling in the Arctic sea areas up to the ice edge in Norway’s EEZ and in the protected area around Svalbard. “This is a tough environment with extreme temperatures and high seas,” says Roar. “We use the boats on a daily basis for things like fishing vessel inspections and so davits are a very important tool for us. We need good safe equipment. I’m confident we are getting that with Vestdavit.”