Training program gets ‘hands-on’


Vestdavit has developed a new and scalable training program that can be adapted to fit the requirements of any course participant, including davit operators, ship crews, ship technicians and service partner technicians.

The new easy-to-follow training program and its supporting documentation have been devised by our skilled pool of instructors, whose knowledge and experience covers all aspects of the davit system. Based on their expertise, course modules have been customized to focus on the specific competencies required by the different parties engaging with davits in service.

Building on a comprehensive framework of classroom-based instruction, the new program has been developed to exploit the expansion of Vestdavit’s training facility close to its Bergen office, which will soon feature a new A-frame to support practical sessions offered within the program. With a davit available at all times, practical training sessions will focus on ‘hands-on’ experience to make sure that  participants feel comfortable when using and maintaining the davit system.

Vestdavit has also developed training modules that are tailormade for specific davits, which will be particularly useful for clients requiring specialized skills and certification, such as navies and coastguards. Instruction can be given on board using the customer’s own equipment.

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