Milestone project for French Navy gets underway

Work is now fully underway in support of Vestdavit’s major recent success with Chantiers de l’Atlantique, covering the supply davit systems for four new logistic support ships (LSSs) due for delivery to the French Navy. The modern, double-hulled vessels will ultimately replace the Navy’s current, single-hulled LSSs.

With the new ships expected to operate for 40 years, Vestdavit project lead Redouane Lahsen explains that Chantiers de l’Atlantique demanded launch-and-recovery systems that would be built to last and allow easy, low-cost maintenance. It was only in “meeting and exceeding” the shipyard’s requirements that Vestdavit was able to add “one of the most sought-after contracts in European naval shipbuilding in recent years to its reference list”, he says.

The deal is a huge breakthrough for Vestdavit, following months of intense engineering work behind the scenes, and one that Redouane says “strengthens our relationship with one of the world’s most important navies”. With Chantiers de l’Atlantique the latest of several major French-owned yards to collaborate with Vestdavit, the agreement also reinforces the company’s growing presence in the French market.

Clearly, the order also represents a personal success for Redouane, who proved tireless in his efforts to land the contract. Acknowledgement is also due to  the team supporting the bidding process and, indeed, to technology behind the PLD-6000 A-frame davits for interception craft PL-3600R davit for fast craft handling that forms the basis for winning such a prestigious contract.

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