Vestdavit Tow Winch : TW-4150

Tow Winch 4150

A distinguishing feature of the Vestdavit range of boat-handling solutions, and one of the reasons for our continuing success as a davit supplier, is the emphasis we place on safe handling across a variety of ship speeds – whatever the sea state.

Exemplary is the thinking behind the electrically-powered TW-4150 tow winch, which is capable of handling loads of up to 1,500kg at speeds ranging between 0-30m/min, or heavier loads of up to 4,150kg with variable speed 0-12m/min. With key components housed in stainless steel electrical control cabinet, the TW-4150 also features a stainless steel operator control box and joystick and is Shock-Approved according to Mil-S-901D standards.

At Vestdavit, we design and engineer our own winches, and believe that specifying all components to our exacting standards has proved one of the main reasons why we have become the leading supplier of high-performance davits. All of our lifting and lowering winches meet and exceed safety and performance requirements set out by SOLAS, and most are Med-B certified by DNV-GL for man-riding, and we set the same performance standards for our towing winches.

Among an array of features distinguishing the TW-4150 is its Absolute Encoder, which enables automatic slow down near the end-stop position and its stop function. Also highly valued by clients is the Vestdavit torque-controlled slip function, which protects against winch overloading. The incorporation of advanced PLC  capability also means that more functions can be added according to customer needs.

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