Norsok Standards

New standards for davits used in the offshore industry, on both sides of the Atlantic, are driving a step change in safe davit design. In Norway, NORSOK R002 standards came into effect in 2015. The standards apply to davits and lifting appliances used on offshore installations, and specifies many new design features and safety systems. Vestdavit is the leader in davit systems, and ready to meet the demanding new standards.

Raising the bar for offshore davits

NORSOK R002 will eventually require davits on offshore installations in Norwegian waters to be upgraded to the new regulations. That raises the bar for offshore boat handling systems, as the majority of offshore contractors and labour organisations will demand the same standards of safety on ships as on fixed rigs. Key elements of the regulations are requirements for a dual independent winch brake system, hoisting speed, davit cylinder redundancy, reinforced davit structure, hydraulic power pack and electrical cabinet built-in compliance with EX zone regulations.

A full range of NORSOK davits

Vestdavit has a full range of NORSOK compliant davits.

D-5000: The 5 tonnes SWL NORSOK R002 davit is designed for FRCs boats.

PLR-6000: The 6 tonnes SWL NORSOK R002 pivoting A-frame davit for FRCs includes all mandatory safety features.

HN-16000: FPSOs and other floaters, which will work in the Norwegian North Sea, also need NORSOK-compliant lifeboat davits. Vestdavit is the first to meet that demand with the all new HN-16000 two point lifting davit for lifeboats. The davit has a SWL of 16 tonnes, and can be adapted to many types of lifeboats.

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