Full functional test of new PAPH-7000 davit

Vestdavit has recently performed a full functional test of its newest and most advanced PAP davit, the PAPH-7000 davit. This compact single-point davit is fitted with an anti-pendulation device and can safely launch and retrieve boats up to 7 tonnes in weight in sea state 6. A long series of these davits has been ordered for a new class of OPV being built for a major navy with significant territorial waters to patrol and protect.

The davit has a docking head to secure the boat during swing in/out of davit. The davit is fully computer controlled with direct feedback from the cylinders and winch and can be controlled remotely. This davit has all Vestdavit’s normal safety features including self-tensioner, shock absorber, wire puller and end stop.

The end-user of the davit has been fully involved in the design and development process of the new davit. Designing this davit was a challenge due to space constraints, as the davit needs to be placed in a ship recess, where the door opening is lower that the davit head. Vestdavit designed a tri-hinged davit with pre-programmed sequences to overcome this challenge.

Hydraulic cylinder safety

At the heart of the safe and efficient operation of every Vestdavit davit are the hydraulic cylinders. These provide the smooth and controllable power which allows the davit to swing in and out during launching and recovery of boats.  As key components of the whole safety system maintenance of these cylinders is vital.
A recent incident has highlighted this importance. Failure of a cylinder occurred following use of unauthorised spare parts, maintenance work and welding carried out by personnel not approved by Vestdavit. As this was a test no-one was hurt but the consequences for safe use and operational ability of a cylinder failure can be very serious.


Vestdavit strongly recommends that the hydraulic cylinders and their attachments to the davit must be regularly inspected by a qualified service person. Any replacement parts must be OEM parts supplied by Vestdavit and if there are any doubts about the condition or safety of the cylinder the cylinder must be replaced with a Vestdavit original cylinder and fitted by a qualified and trained service engineer. Use of spares not made by Vestdavit or made up locally, or unauthorised welding, can lead to serious consequences.
Vestdavit has a global service network ready to perform annual inspections and service work, backed by a well-developed spare parts system which ensures rapid and timely delivery of spares.
A web-based database enables clients to access the current maintenance, class and statutory status of their davits at any time. Drawings and spare parts lists are online too. We design toughness, ease of maintenance and reliability into our davits. But their critical operational role depends on regular maintenance and inspection, and the use of the correctly manufactured spare parts from the original manufacturer.


Norwegian Coast Guard chooses compact davit

The Norwegian Coast Guard has ordered six PLR-5002 compact single-point davits to be refitted on to its fleet of Nordkapp class offshore patrol vessels. The specially-designed 5 tonne SWL davit is mounted on a skid for easy installation.

The davits will handle a 5 tonne RIB and are capable of safe launch and recovery of a fully-loaded RIB in sea states up to five.

The Norwegian Coast Guard carries out surveillance of fisheries, environmental protection, search and rescue and customs supervision, all tasks which require constant launch and recovery of RIBs for boarding other vessels. Its patrol vessels operate in the harshest environments on the Norwegian coast and depend on davits that are safe to use.
Vestdavit is proud that the successful experience of the Norwegian Coast Guard with extensive use of Vestdavit davits in service has led to this major new commitment to our davits.


Interview with Commander Roar Lund of KV Nordkapp.
“We have to help other vessels when they are in trouble in bad weather,” says Commander Roar Lund, Captain of KV Nordkapp, a Norwegian Coast Guard offshore patrol vessel. “We need equipment we can rely on.”
That’s why Roar is happy that his vessel is the first of three Nordkapp-class vessels which are being retro-fitted with new Vestdavit davits as part of their upgrading and life extension programme. “I’ve worked with Vestdavit davits before,” he explains, “and they do the job very well. The new davits look impressive and we are looking forward to getting them into service.”
Service for the Nordkapp class means patrolling in the Arctic sea areas up to the ice edge in Norway’s EEZ and in the protected area around Svalbard. “This is a tough environment with extreme temperatures and high seas,” says Roar. “We use the boats on a daily basis for things like fishing vessel inspections and so davits are a very important tool for us. We need good safe equipment. I’m confident we are getting that with Vestdavit.”