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Our Story. Who We Are.

Founded in 1975 in Bergen, Norway on the shores of the North Sea, Vestdavit takes its name from the region in which it is based, Vestlandet, and the signature product for which it is renowned, the davit.

While its headquarters remain in Bergen, where it designs and provides worldwide support for leading-edge boat launch-and-recovery systems, Vestdavit has recently expanded its global presence. In 2018, Vestdavit Inc. was opened in Seattle, United States, where a small but dedicated team serves the North American market.

Further expansion was achieved in early 2020 with the acquisition of Vestdavit Production in Poland. As a result of the takeover, Vestdavit doubled in size and gained control of its entire supply chain – from design through to delivery – for the first time in its history.

In 2021 we expanded yet again through the opening of Vestdavit BV in the Netherlands in order to solidify our operations in North-West Europe.

Our Story. What We Do.

Since Vestdavit was established, it has been driven by one goal: to provide the highest-quality life-saving equipment for those who serve at sea. With an initial focus on supplying the vibrant Norwegian fishing community, the company soon added solutions for the offshore gas and oil industry to its portfolio, allowing it to provide specialised support for offshore operations.

Later, in response to customer demand for increasingly advanced solutions, Vestdavit pioneered the dual-point lifting system to offer better control of larger, more sophisticated craft. The company has continued to innovate, with the introduction of its first computer-augmented system marking a step change for the davit operational window.

Vestdavit has further developed its portfolio in recent years, designing, supplying and supporting systems for the world’s foremost navies and coast guards – and becoming an industry frontrunner in bringing automation to the handling of manned and unmanned marine craft.

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