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Davit Systems Since 1975

Our range of handling systems and davit systems are the first choice of navies, coastguards, seismic survey operators, pilot authorities and offshore operators who need to launch and recover small boats safely while their vessels are at sea.

Since 1975 Bergen-based Vestdavit has supplied over 2,000 davits and side and stern launch systems. We have proved ourselves over more than 30 years use in the North Sea and other harsh environments around the world. Self-tensioning and shock absorbing systems ensure crew safety and widen the operational window for users.

Advanced Functionality & Increased Reliability

Vestdavit’s key focus is on operational effectiveness, safety and the reliability of its equipment. Vestdavit is a team of committed people with different backgrounds and experience, all of whom are passionate about safe boat handling. When we work together with a client, we provide our expertise right through the product development process and follow that with a lifetime service commitment.

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