Fire in Vestdavit offices – Possible disruption of service

Vestdavit and all staff would like to express sincere thanks for the inquiries and good wishes sent to us by our industry partners, following the fire which occurred in the stairwell of our Bergen headquarters building on April 19th.

The safety of our staff is paramount, and we are happy to report that no one was injured in the incident, which is not connected to Vestdavit and appears to have started outside the building’s main entrance.

Nevertheless, public spaces in the building have suffered smoke damage as a result of the fire, and the affected areas include part of our own offices. We have re-entered the premises and the clean-up operation is now fully under way.

The situation is firmly under control and Vestdavit will continue to operate as normally as possible. However, customers are kindly asked for their understanding over the coming days, in case our response times fall in any way short of the high standards we set ourselves as a company.

On site training possibilities for davit operators

Hands-on, quality training in both davit operations and maintenance are important for the safety and longevity of your davit system and crew. Did you know that Vestdavit can come to you and complete training on your location?

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Norwegian Coastguard retrofits single-point davits for enhanced safety

The Norwegian Coastguard just raised its standard by retrofitting six single-point davits to its Nordkapp-class vessels, not just to enhance safety, but also for more efficient use of space aboard its compact vessels.

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