PAP-6000 davits for the Royal Norwegian Navy`s largest ship

Royal Norwegian Navy’s biggest ship to date, KNM Maud, lands in Norway fully equipped with innovative MOB boat launch and recovery system courtesy of Vestdavit.

A high profile example of the continuing preference of navies and coastguards for Vestdavit boat launching and recovery systems arrived in Bergen’s Haakonsvern naval base during March, in the shape of the davits on board KNM Maud.

The multirole Navy Logistics vessel, whose primary task will be to operate as a supply ship is nonetheless the largest ship ever to join the Norwegian Navy fleet. Originally ordered in 2013, the ship was accepted from South Korea’s Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering yard at the end of 2018 following exhaustive inspections by our home navy, leaving the Okpo yard on 3 February for arrival in Norway by late March.

KNM Maud features two PAP-6000 marine davits capable of lifting MOB boats weighing up to 6 tons in conditions up to sea state 6. The davits are fully equipped with the innovative Vestdavit combination of hydraulic shock absorber, self-tensioning system, hydraulic end stop, wire puller and docking head. These davits can also be operated by Remote Control, so that the operator can get the best view of operations for optimized control.

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