Training advance with Vestdavit VR

Virtual Reality

The rapid advance of Virtual Reality from gaming and marketing applications has seen the technology establish itself as a key tool in design and personnel training. Today, computer-generated, 3D representations of the physical world offer immersive experiences, allowing the user to engage fully in training across multiple scenarios and challenges, without visiting a training centre.

Vestdavit has always placed high priority on end-user training, where davit system performance enhancements have created ever-rising expectations for ship and boat crew safety alike. For this reason, Vestdavit has developed its own Virtual Reality training solution that uses software developed together with Mount Visual in Bergen, an authentic remote control unit and VR goggles to simulate what it is like to operate our davits in real life. The desktop PC-compatible package fits into a container no larger than a suitcase.

Vestdavit Virtual Reality allows the user to overcome limitations that usually apply in real life training, so that crews can experience in a virtual way what it is like to operate the owner’s davit systems and their handling responsiveness in all kinds of weather. Crew can practice on- and offloading of a fast response craft (FRC) or workboat at no risk and practice operating the ‘constant tension control’ from Vestdavit, used to recover boats safely and efficiently in heavy weather situations.

Vestdavit VR can simulate handling boats using anything from a small single point davit with an SWL of 2000 kg to a highly advanced Dual Telescopic Davit System with SWL of up to 40,000 kg. Both the mother vessel and the boats being handled can be rendered in  detail form, while settings can also be adjusted from calm seas to stormy weather and adapted to incorporate features such as painter line operations, etc.

By subscribing to Vestdavit’s new Training Portal, updates to our VR software can be downloaded, while the program can also be expanded to build in scenarios requested by customers themselves. Furthermore, instructors who have successfully passed Vestdavit’s existing training course are qualified to give instruction using Vestdavit VR.

For more information about Vestdavit VR, please contact: Henric Collvin, After Sales Director, +47 479 11 559,