US patent confirms MissionEase originality

Securing a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for our MissionEase boat handling solution for mission bays offers a clear signal to the maritime and offshore industries that the intellectual property rights behind Vestdavit innovation are strongly protected.

MissionEase has been widely acknowledged for its originality. Added to the patent safeguard we already have in Norway and the pending application covering all EU territories, protection in the US will be decisive when navies, coastal and SAR authorities, offshore support vessel and cruise ship owners assess claims made for the solution.

Mission Bay

Mission bays allow boats and other equipment to be stored, maintained, prepared and launched safely from a protected area within the ship’s profile. MissionEase transfers RHIBS, USVs and other craft between their storage and the davit launch areas on cradles in a safer and more efficient manner, even in high seas or during a vessel listing.

Developed for simplicity and cost effectiveness, MissionEase nonetheless turns boat-handling within the mission bay ‘on its head’ by replacing overhead gantries. The solution therefore avoids the hazards of swinging loads when the ship is in motion, and time-consuming slinging/unslinging, while also lowering the ship’s centre of gravity.

Unlike previous solutions based on comparable principles, MissionEase includes a unique apparatus that allows boats moving forward along longitudinal rails to be delivered to a cradle feeding davits on either side of the bay without any rails intersecting. This patented feature means that more boats can be handled more safely and more efficiently using fewer davits.

In a market where mission ship flexibility is vital, and the expedition cruise sector is opening a new chapter in multi-boat handling, we are very proud that the original thinking that has made the MissionEase solution so compelling is now formally recognized by US patent authorities.

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