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Some of our recent deliveries:

Offshore & Wind Operation Support Vessels

When it comes to Launch & Recovery of Workboats in the Offshore Wind segment, Vestdavit is the supplier of choice for a majority of SOV / CSOV operators around the world, with over 80% of all major operators having our davits onboard.

Using a workboat to deploy crew to Offshore Wind turbines for service or maintenance jobs can be much more efficient and faster than if you have to position the mother vessel next to each wind turbine to deploy crew. CSOVs therefore need workboats that can be launched and recovered many times per day safely.


Vestdavit  offer a wide range of Single point davits for workboats ranging from 4000 kg MWL to 16 0000 kg MWL. We also offer dual point and telescopic davits and can make tailor made solutions for boats upto 40 000 kg if needed.  


Please contact the Sales Team for more information.

Vestdavit has designed and supplied several PLD 15000. These large and unique single-point systems handle workboats of up to 15 tons that support the vessel.

A solid PLD 15001 designed and reinforced for a catamaran boat type.

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