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No Substitute for the 'VestWinch'

In bringing its largest ever single point davit to market, with a 16-tonne loading capacity, Vestdavit recently showed once more how a decision taken years ago continues to pay dividends in setting itself apart from the competition.

At the heart of our latest PAP-16000 is the most powerful winch developed in-house, whose 50 m/min handling speeds offer one indication of performance characteristics that are unique to davits from Vestdavit.

Winch components are specified by Vestdavit

But our own winches, designed and engineered by Vestdavit, are at the heart of every davit we supply. In fact, we have branded our units ‘VestWinch’ to highlight that not only the design but the components are specified by Vestdavit and to distinguish our approach from suppliers who use generic winches and are therefore content to rely on performance claims made by others.

The VestWinch and its hydraulic systems provide the platform for our equipment’s performance, including our unique, failsafe self-tension system.

Fortunately, our winches are easily identifiable by the fact that Vestdavit always uses stainless steel piping, rather than less durable hosing for connection purposes. Hosing is likely to fail within five years, whereas piping will last for the lifetime of the davit. There are 25 unique VestWinches available, ranging from 1-28 tons SWL. All of them meet and exceed all safety and performance requirements set out by SOLAS, and most are Med-B certified by DNV-GL for man-riding.

At Vestdavit, our view is that the safety of those working at sea must be paramount, even if the investments we have made in enhancing the performance of our davits costs a little more. Vestdavit believes that the VestWinch provides a clear example of our willingness to invest in design, structure, performance and control of our equipment, adding value to the claims we make for the safety and reliability of our davits. It is also an investment strategy that delivers the continuous performance improvements on which we have built our reputation.

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