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Safe Hands from Female-Led Production

Earlier this year, Vestdavit took ownership of its principal assembly partner Tritec Production, gaining full control of its supply chain and establishing a stable sourcing platform for its davit systems. Based in Redzikowo, Poland and now operating as ‘Vestdavit Production’, the plant’s four most senior positions are occupied by women, which Managing Director Katarzyna Stańczyk describes as “refreshing, but not surprising”.

“My senior female colleagues and I have worked our way to the top of what is traditionally a challenging industry for women to progress in,” the Vestdavit Production MD muses. “We have achieved this through hard work and determination, but also with the support of our team. We never doubted our ability to succeed, and nor did our male colleagues.”

Women have played an integral part in Vestdavit Production’s transition from independent marine-davit manufacturer to company subdivision. Of the 70-person team led by Katarzyna, nine members are women, and four of those hold senior positions: aside from Katarzyna, who has seven years’ experience in management, Monika Pankratowicz, Anna Leśniak and Justyna Karol also run their own departments.

Like Katarzyna, Monika has significant experience in her field. She admits that reaching the top of a male-dominated environment has been challenging, but she now feels at home as Vestdavit Production’s customer service manager. Head of Finance Anna has a similar level of experience; she has worked for manufacturing facilities previously but believes that her current position provides the perfect conditions for professional development. Technical Manager Justyna, responsible for overseeing engineering projects, takes great satisfaction from working – and excelling – in a sector that some consider to be a ‘man’s world’.

Katarzyna is proud of the success that she and her colleagues have enjoyed, and she anticipates further improvement under their new owner. “Our production provides Vestdavit with a more stable source of supply, and we in turn see greater demand for our products. This gives us a platform to build on, and as we strengthen our relationship, our processes will become more and more efficient. By working together, we will promote growth throughout the organisation.”

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