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United States Navy

Expeditionary Fast Transport Vessels

Vestdavit was selected in 2020 to design and supply boat launch-and-recovery systems for the latest-generation Expeditionary Fast Transport (EPF) vessels, built by Austal on behalf of the United States Navy. The project aimed to modify the existing vessels to provide world-beating fast interception capabilities and thereby significantly improve their operational utility.

Specifically designed for flexibility, the Dual TDB-7000 features dual point sliding booms, adjustable boat cradle and hook distance capability. The system is controlled with ease by a single operator and can handle RHIBS, USVs, AUVs, 11m length Navy RIBS and work boats of up to 14 tons. It is constructed in weight-efficient high tensile steel and is fully available for work even beyond sea state 5 at up to 10 knots.

Safe boat handling is further ensured by a painter system automatically controlled by davit swing/winch movements, which allows the operator to concentrate on boat movements assured of  the painter’s correct outreach and tension in all boat positions.

The Dual TDB-7000 includes a dual winch system with independent, synchronized  control, with each winch featuring a constant tension system for wave compensation and PLC ‘downstop’ to prevent overtravel. Other features that enhance both safety and efficiency include self-levelling capability for boats/hooks in both directions, independent shock absorbers and an integral ‘anti two block’ system to prevent hook blocks from coming into contact with booms.

In addition to delivering its industry-leading launch-and-recovery systems (LARS), Vestdavit designed and supplied a bespoke aluminum support frame upon which the LARS are mounted. The frame is both robust and lightweight, minimizing weight on the upper deck and allowing the EPF to maintain high speeds.

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